People working for ILGA-Europe are coming from various countries and backgrounds and proud to be part of a professional and dedicated team committed to the principles of equality and justice.

Evelyne Paradis

Executive Director

Evelyne Paradis is the Executive Director of ILGA-Europe. She is responsible for providing overall leadership, strategic direction and management of the organisation.

Björn van Roozendaal

Programmes Director

Björn is responsible for overall management the Programmes Service Area and its team. He is overseeing ILGA-Europe’s strategy on building capacities of the LGBT movements throughout Europe. Björn’s tasks include development and overseeing implementation of the capacity building projects, management of the Human Rights Violations Documentation Fund, fundraising, organisation of ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference, advocacy on EU’s foreign and development policies.

Juris Lavrikovs

Communications Manager

Juris is responsible for overall implementation of ILGA-Europe’s Communications strategy. In particular, Juris is responsible for the media work and is a contact point for journalists. He is an editor of “Destination>>EQUALITY” magazine and is responsible for the production of ILGA-Europe’s publications. Juris’ responsibilities also include organising ILGA-Europe’s public relations and campaigning work.

Thomas Donley

Finance Manager

Thomas serves as the Finance Manager for ILGA-Europe. His primary responsibilities include managing ILGA-Europe’s financial resources and providing continuous resource planning for the association’s future needs. He also supervises the financial budget and provides effective and efficient financial expertise allowing the entity to achieve its primary missions.

Boris Balaneţkii-Schlütter

Programmes and Policy Officer

Boris is responsible for coordination of ILGA-Europe’s re-granting work. His duties include monitoring, fine-tuning and reporting on re-granting activities. He ensures that the re-granting process is further elaborated, clarified, and adjusted to the needs of member and partner organisations, including the development of common procedures shared by the different areas of re-granting. Boris is also involved in capacity building activities, particularly documentation of human rights violations, finances and security issues.

Boris’ portfolio includes providing expertise for the organisations in the former USSR region in the field of advocacy work. His responsibilities include communication with members and providing assistance and support to partners of ILGA-Europe in the region, as well as representation of their interests on the European level. He is involved in the organisation of thematic events, lobbying European institutions, and research services to support ILGA-Europe’s work in this region.

Lilit Poghosyan

Senior Programmes & Policy Officer

Lilit is managing ILGA-Europe’s projects on Western Balkans and Turkey and is leading the organisation’s internal capacity building programme. She also contributes to developing and implementing ILGA-Europe’s capacity building strategy towards its members. Lilit is responsible for advocacy work on EU Enlargement and contributes to the work on EU foreign and development policy.

Valeria Santostefano

Programmes and Policy Officer

Valeria's main task is to contribute to the development and implementation of ILGA-Europe’s capacity building activities towards member organisations. She is responsible for overseeing the needs assessment, coaching and peer learning processes.

Sophie Aujean

Senior Policy and Programmes Officer

Sophie works in the fields of health and education. She contributes to securing effective legal protection against discrimination in access to education and health services and to end the pathologisation of trans identities. Her tasks include monitoring the development of the EU, the Council of Europe and other institutions’ agendas in these fields, and the implementation of relevant European and national policies and legislations.

Joël Le Déroff

Senior Policy & Programmes officer

Joël works on the implementation of ILGA-Europe’s strategy against homophobic and transphobic violence and hate speech, and on the EU asylum policy and the rights of LGBT asylum seekers. His tasks include monitoring the development of the EU, the Council of Europe and other institutions’ agendas in these fields, and the implementation of relevant European and national policies and legislations.He therefore works in contact with LGBT organisations addressing violence issues, European LGBT police officers’ groups, and other NGOs of the Human Rights field.

Nanna Moe

Communications Officer

Nanna is responsible for the development, maintenance and content of ILGA-Europe’s website and other web based tools. She is the editor of the ILGA-Europe monthly electronic newsletter, Euro-Letter, and is the co-editor of ILGA-Europe's printed magazine, Destination>>Equality. Her tasks also include the responsibility of ILGA-Europe’s information service, and she is a contact points for information requests from European members of ILGA, researchers, and students. Nanna’s portfolio also include the maintenance of the European members’ contacts, and is a liaison person with ILGA office regarding membership data. Finally, Nanna is responsible for some specific communication campaigns, such as the ILGA-Europe LGBT Family poster campaign, 'Different Families, Same Love'.

Marharyta Babenko

Finance & Administration Officer

Marharyta is responsible for budget monitoring and verifying financial reports of ILGA-Europe project partners, including partners in Russia. She processes financial documents relating to goods and services supplied and received, supplies information to enable effective management control of income and expenditure of specific activities and support organisational objectives, prepare regular financial reports, assists in organisation and co-ordination of preparation of meetings, conferences, events and actions.

Camille Lambinon

Finance & Administration Officer/Assistant to the Executive Director

Camille is working to enable an effective management control of income and expenditure of ILGA-Europe’s activities. She prepares the accounts for events and individual activities, supports the running of the office systems and coordinates practical preparation of meetings and actions.

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