Acquittal of all transgender women targeted during “Xenios Zeus” Operations

Submitted by Greek Transgender Support Association

Greek Transgender Support Association (ngo for rights of transgender people) and the Hellenic Action for Human Rights - "Pleiades"( ngo targeting the defence of human rights by providing legal, medical, educational, psychological and social support to vulnerable persons and groups), notify on the acquittal of all transgender women targeted during the "Xenios Zeus" operation ( .

Specifically, on Tuesday 3.4.2013 the last transgender woman, arrested during police operations accommodated by enforced hiv testing, was acquitted.

The Court accepted the defence argument that the incidence of the identity of a transgender person with her presence in a specific location does not mean that the person practices sexual work, let alone that she "harasses" the passerbies. On the contrary, the reference of the individual to trial, just on the basis of the above coincidence, signifies the criminalisation of gender identity; this is not to be tolerated in a well-governed democratic society.

Electra Leda Koutras, lawyer and President of the Hellenic Action for Human Rights - "Pleiades", undertook the defence of the transgender women.

Following suit Greek Transgender Support Association, and the Hellenic Action for Human Rights, announce that they would at once move legally against anyone responsible, who unlawfully targeted transgender people with no sufficient justification. For that matter, an additional joint press release shall follow soon.

Greek Transgender Support Association

Zan Moreas 17, Koukaki, Athens, Greece, 11741

Hellenic Action for Human Rights – «Pleiades»

Voulgaroktonou 42, Athens, Greece, 11472

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