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EU equal treatment law: we’ve been waiting too long!

As high-level EU Member States’ representatives meet today to discuss how to make equality a reality for all, equality and anti-discrimination organisations call on them to show a real commitment to equality by finally adopting an EU law on equal treatment.


First ever LGBTI human rights conference at the Council of the European Union

ILGA-Europe welcomes the first ever high level conference addressing the issues of LGBTI people’s human rights hosted today at the Council of the European Union, the highest decision making institution of the European Union.


Today is the International Action Day for Trans Depathologisation

ILGA-Europe welcomes the proposal by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to remove the notion of "gender identity disorder" from the International Classification of Diseases.


LGBTI children have the right to safety and equality

ILGA-Europe welcomes Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner comment on LGBTI children’s right to safety and equality


Media accreditation opens for ILGA-Europe’s 18th Annual Conference in Rīga

Our Annual Conference is the largest event on LGBTI political agenda in Europe and this year will bring together almost 350 human rights activists and decision makers from 48 countries.

(in English & latviešu valodā)


ILGA-Europe welcomes high prominence of fundamental rights in new European Commission

Today Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, has announced the composition of the new European Commission.


Self-declaration of sexual orientation must be starting point when verifying credibility of LGB asylum cases

On 17 July 2014, the Advocate General Sharpston of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued an opinion on how asylum authorities should act when verify the sexual orientation of an asylum seeker, and how such assessments comply with the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights.


Permanent exclusion of men having sex with men from blood donation is not justifiable, says Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union

Today Advocate General Mengozzi of the Court of Justice of the European Union delivered its Opinion in the case of Geoffrey Léger v Ministre des affaires sociales et de la santé and Établissement français du sang and said that a sexual relationship between two men does not in itself constitute conduct that justifies permanent exclusion from giving blood.


European Court of Human Rights fails to preserve trans woman’s marriage

On 16 July 2014, the European Court of Human Rights delivered its judgment in the case of Hämäläinen v. Finland. It ruled that Finland did not violate the human rights of a trans woman by requiring that her marriage be downgraded to a registered partnership in order for her to obtain her legal gender recognition.


ILGA-Europe is concerned with the cancellation of Kyiv Pride due to police failure to ensure protection

This year’s Kyiv Pride, scheduled for 5 July, was cancelled after the Ukrainian police claimed they would not be able to protect the Pride participants because of expected counter protests. Vitali Klitschko, the Mayor of Kyiv, stated that now is not the right time for ‘entertainment’ events such as Pride.


Denmark becomes the first European country to allow legal change of gender without clinical diagnosis

Today the Danish parliamentarians passed a law which removes a number of obstacles for legal gender recognition. Denmark is now the first country in Europe where a requirement for ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ diagnosis or any psychological assessment/opinion is not necessary for a person to legally obtain their preferred gender.


ILGA-Europe condemns discriminatory constitutional amendment in Slovakia

On 4 May 2014, the Slovak Parliament adopted a constitutional amendment which now defines marriage as a “unique bond between a man and a woman”. 102 parliamentarians supported the amendments and only 18 votes against.


LGBT History being made in Cyprus

The first Pride March in Cyprus will take place today.


A quarter of elected European Parliament committed to LGBTI equality

198 (26%) newly elected members of the 751-seat European Parliament have signed ILGA-Europe’s European Elections 2014 Come Out Pledge, committing themselves to advancing human rights and LGBTI equality over the next five years.


Rainbow Europe 2014: Europe’s score on LGBTI human rights remains average

2013 was a year of widening contrasts for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in Europe, from marriage equality and legal gender recognition on one hand, to new forms of criminalisation of LGBTI people through the spread of anti-propaganda laws.

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