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Alarming new research shows how LGBTI people are affected every day by inequality

Recent data shows that LGBTI young people perceive the labour market with fear and that most of LGBTI youth living with their families have experienced violence in different parts of Europe. These are among the alarming facts related to the impact of inequality and oppression in LGBTI communities, as identified through ILGA-Europe’s No One Left Behind initiative.
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The frontline: Confronting LGBTI Youth Homelessness

Our 2021 report, in association with Cyndi Lauper’s LGBTIQ Youth Homelessness organisation True Colors United, and the Silberman Centre for Sexuality and Gender (SCSG) at […]
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Press Release

Survey finds that LGBTIQ organisations and homeless services across Europe are dealing with large numbers of LGBTIQ youth homelessness

A survey of 71 organisations across 32 European countries finds that over 60% have worked with LGBTIQ youth experiencing homelessness, while homeless services lack the […]
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Perceptions: Addressing LGBTI Youth Homelessness in Europe and Central Asia

In April 2021, ILGA-Europe in association with the LGBTIQ Youth Homelessness organisation True Colors United, and the Silberman Center for Sexuality and Gender (SCSG) at Hunter College published a report based on […]
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Major survey on LGBTIQ youth homelessness in Europe launched

A new survey aims to guage the experiences of European and Central Asian groups and organisations when it comes to LGBTIQ youth homelessness.
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Policy Paper

After the Framework Directive

Combatting discrimination outside employment.  This ILGA-Europe’s policy paper argues that there is a clear need for the European Union to move quickly to complement the […]
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