LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia


International Women’s Day 2020: Meet 4 fierce activists working for LBTI rights!

Yiulia, Aum, Bella and Audrey may live in very different countries in Europe, but they have a lot in common: They are strong, powerful workers for and defenders of LBTI rights. Today, March 8, be inspired by these feminist, trans, bisexual and intersex activists and join their fight for equality on International Women’s Day!

Stronger Together: Learnings from the ILGA-Europe Conference, Prague 2019

Stronger Together… what did this year’s ILGA-Europe conference theme mean to the 600 LGBTI activist participants who came to Prague in October? And if it is true that we are stronger together, how can we make it happen even more? Our conference reporter and former Executive Director of ILGA-Europe, Patricia Prendiville shares her thoughts.