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Chechnya – what can you do?

The cruelties in Chechnya lead many people to question what they can do to support. The human rights violations must stop immediately and victims must get in safety. That is what all our actions are focusing on. Here are a few things that you can do immediately.

Make a donation!

ILGA-Europe opened up a fund to support the victims of persecution against (perceived) gay and bisexual men in Chechnya. Please donate now to help us help more victims. 

How will ILGA-Europe use the funds?

ILGA-Europe opened up a fund shortly after the news about the human rights atrocities taking place in Chechnya broke in April 2017. Money donated to this fund is used to enable people working on the ground directly to help the victims of these violations.

The idea is to support initiatives supporting victims over a longer period of time. Survivors of these violent detention centres need to get out of Chechnya – and out of Russia. ILGA-Europe are conscious that the work will not end at evacuation. Even if people have left the immediate threat behind, people will need support to be relocated outside of Chechnya and Russia. This involves living costs, legal costs and psychosocial support. The funds collected by ILGA-Europe are used to cover current costs for these medium to long term challenges.

ILGA-Europe work closely with our member organisations on the ground, such as the Russian LGBT Network, to assess the situation and needs on an on-going basis and allocate funds accordingly. With our wide network of member organisations across Europe, we are in a unique position to map out and rapidly respond to needs.

Funds are re-granted to activists working directly with victims on the ground and used by ILGA-Europe to cover costs directly associated with working in Chechnya and some admin costs (no more than 15-20 percent including monitoring expenses so to ensure that they are in line with ILGA-Europe’s accountability standards).

If you have any questions about how we will use your donation, or if you need a letter confirming that a donation was made, please contact

What else can I do to help?

  • Call on your government to provide visas to Chechen survivors, put pressure on the Russian government and to work with international organisations on independent investigation of the situation on the ground.
  • Sign a petition: AllOutAmnesty International and Avaaz, have started petitions calling the responsible authorities to stop these practices. Signing these petitions will mount to further public pressure.