LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

ComeOut 2014

ILGA-Europe's Come Out campaign in 2014 aimed to mobilise support for human rights and LGBTI equality among the candidates for European Parliament and European Commission, and to energise its member organisations and individuals across Europe to vote.



The ILGA-Europe Come Out campaign was twofold:

  • Firstly, we want to ensure that the candidates for the next European Parliament and the European Commission express their determination to work for human rights and LGBTI equality in the European Union. See who of the elected MEPs support our pledge.
  • Secondly, we will work with the elected candidates to continue those institutions’ commitment to human rights generally and LGBTI equality in particular.

ILGA-Europe and its members approached the candidates and inviting them to sign our 10 points

Come Out 2014 European Election Pledge. The Pledge summarises the key issues that ILGA-Europe wants to see advanced at the European Union level over the next five years.

During the campaign ILGA-Europe rollled out four focus areas:

LGBTI equality

The EU has been a main driver of LGBT equality. The EU was the 1st international organisation to recognise sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in its law. LGBT people are protected against discrimination in employment in all 28 EU Member States because of EU law. LGBT people who are persecuted because of their sexual orientation and gender identity can now claim asylum everywhere in Europe because of the EU. It is also because of the EU that victims of homophobic and transphobic crimes are now guaranteed better protection. Not to mention the leadership role taken by the EU by making LGBTI equality an official part of its foreign policy. The EU has done a lot for LGBTI equality, and much more can be done. The EU needs to switch on its full potential to deliver greater equality for LGBTI people. Come out and vote for LGBTI equality!

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Human rights

Until now, the European Union has played an important role as a human rights defender and champion both within its borders and globally. This role needs to be not only preserved but also enhanced. In the coming five years, we need strong commitments from future Euro parliamentarians that put human rights at the top of the EU agenda. We need a European Parliament that will continue to play the role of a human rights watchdog by holding other EU institutions and Member States accountable to the EU’s founding principles of equality and non-discrimination. Come out and vote for human rights!

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For Europe

The European Union is currently being challenged and is threatened with the rise of different forms of extremisms, in particular nationalism, religious extremism and ultra-conservatism. It is more important than ever that the EU remains a strong actor that can continue to champion core European values of dignity, equality and respect of human rights for all. Come out and vote for Europe!

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To vote

This is no time for complacency. Euro sceptics and far right movements are gaining momentum and their voters are very enthusiastic and active. This is our opportunity to vote and to ensure that the European Union remains committed to human rights issues and LGBTI equality. Our message is simple: if you stay at home and don’t vote, others will. Only by engaging with the candidates and actually voting can LGBTI concerns be heard, our interests represented, and our rights protected. Come out and vote!

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