LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Optional local social activities

The Athens Organising Committee is organising a number of optional activities for the Annual Conference 2015 participants. Please note that the activities Thursday and Friday evenings overlap with self-organised spaces.  Find here information and how to register.

Thursday 29 October: Athens - Piraeus City Tour

Enjoy two hours tour at the most beautiful monumens of Ancient and Modern Athens and also a sea side ride to Attica area wich will ends at the bigest port of Greece, Piraeus City! 

Attica area, which includes Athens city and others, has 78 klms sea side long and you will have the chance to see the beautiful sea part of the capital of Greece!

The open buses will pick you up infront of Caravel Hotel, without extra charge.

The buses will make some important stops for you, to take pictures.

You can choose one of the languages that buses provide (russian included).

The price will be 10 euro per person, for a city tour Athens and Piraeus (sea side ride and port). You will pay the amount at your check-in at the hotel. 

More info:

Friday 30 October: Parthenon or Museum of Acropolis

Visit one of the seven global architecture miracle -  monuments: the Lighthouse of democracy, the walls of Ancients Athens, The Acropolis.

You can visit Parthenon or Museum of Acropolis.

Price: 20 euro per person, includes:

  • Private buses to the Museum or Parhtenon from the hotel. The buses will wait for you to take you back for dinner time at the hotel (it's only 1,8 euro more than taking the metro way and back).
  • The entrance at the Museum or Parthenon
  • Private guides(groups of 25 people the most) in four languages: English, russian, french, german.

Sunday 1 November: Beach Party

The local organising comittee organises for you a beach party! 

Buses will pick you up from the hotel, in the morning and you can stay at the beach all day long! You can leave to the airport with the public buses (X96) which pas every 20 minutes infront of the beach venue and take 40 minutes to the airport.

Price: 25 euro per person which includes:

Private bus from the hotel to the beach venue, entrance at the venue, beach loungers and beach umbrellas, drinks and cocktail, finger food (in a greek quantity!), sandwiches, vegetarian, salads etc, and a DJ for you all day long!