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Message of support from the President of Ireland

Prior of the Annual Confence 2012 taking place in Dublin from 18-21 October, ILGA-Europe have received a following message of support from Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland. Read the letter here.

Message from President Michael D. Higgins

I would like to convey my warmest greetings to all those associated with the 15th Annual Conference of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA-Europe) entitled “Advancing LGBTI Equality in Challenging Economic Times”, being held in Dublin from 18-21 October 2012. I am particularly pleased to welcome delegates from other European counties, particularly those of you on your first visit to Ireland.

I would especially like to congratulate the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) and the wide range of Irish and regional lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organisations, who were successful in Ireland being selected to host this year’s Conference, in association with ILGA Europe.

The Conference programme reminds us all of the importance of inclusivity and of fully respecting different perspectives and identities. Notwithstanding the increased difficulties posed by the constrains of the current financial environment, I hope that this event in Dublin will encourage you in your important work in making society a more inclusive place for all citizens on an equal basis, and without discrimination.

I wish you event success with your Conference which I am sure will see much fruitful discussion.

Michael D. Higgins
Uachtarán na hÉireann
President of Ireland