LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Presentations Workshops

  • Workshop 2: Double Negative? Being Young and LGBTQ during the Economic Downturn and Recovery
    • Find the presentation from Jordan Long and Artiom Zavadovschi (IGLYO)
  • Workshop 5: How to Respond to Hate Speech
    Find the presentation from:
    • Andrew Smith (ARTICLE 19)
    • Eduardas Platovas, (LGL)
    • Miroslawa Makuchowka, (KPH)
  • Workshop 7: Trade Unions for LGBTI Workplace Equality
    • Find the presentation from Isisdro Garcia Nieto (CCOO)
  • Workshop 10: Working with Schools to Tackle Homophobia, Transphobia and Gender Stereotypes
    • Find the presentation from Peter Dankmeijer (GALE)
  • Workshop 14: Social Media as a Tool for Change
    • Find the presentation from Guillaume Bonnet (All Out) here
  • Workshop 15: Building a stronger LGBTI movement
    • Find the presentation from Patrick Stoakes (LGBT Diversity Ireland) here
  • Workshop 17: Same-Sex family issues in Eastern and Southern Europe
    Find the presentation of:
    • Tamás Dombos (Háttér Support Society for LGBT People in Hungary)
    • Yuri Guaiana (Certi Diritti)
  • Workshop 18: Christian Churches and Homophobic Violence in Europe – Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?
    Find the presentation here
  • Workshop 19: Legal Gender Recognition: Learning from Recent Developments
    Find the presentation of
    • Julia Ehrt (TGEU)
    • Richard Köhler (TGEU)
    • Broden Giambrone (Transgender Equality Network Ireland - TENI)
  • Workshop 20: ILGA-Europe’s Capacity Building Work: How Can Members Contribute
    Find the presentation of Richard Polacek (Independent advisor for ILGA Europe) herw
  • Workshop 22: Inter: Brothers & Sisters – Brosters & Sithers?
    •  Find the presentation of IVIM/OII–Germany here
    • Find the shadow report for CEDAW on intersex here
    • Find the report of a hearing of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission here
  • Workshop 23 Propaganda Laws How Should the International Community React
    Find the presentation of:
    • Kseniya Kirichenko (Russian LGBT Network)
    • Lithuanian Gay League
    • Olena Shevchenko (Insight public organization)
  • Workshop 24: Hate Crime Methodology
    Find here the presentation of
    • Joël Le Déroff (ILGA-Europe)
    • Veronica Scognamiglio (Amnesty International, EU office