LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia


You can find below our answers to frequently asked questions about the Gathering Online 2020.

Who can take part in the Gathering Online 2020?

The Gathering Online is primarily aimed at:

  • Representatives of ILGA-Europe member organisations
  • Representatives of LGBTI organisations working in Europe and Central Asia
  • Allies of the LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia (institutions, funders, civil society organisations)  

In order to make the event as accessible, interactive and safe as possible, ILGA-Europe will deny access to registrants falling outside of these categories.


How can I register?

Unfortunately the registration for the event is closed!


I am a journalist or a representative from the media. Can I join the event?

If you are from the media and would like to get information about the event and ways to participate, please contact:


Why was my registration rejected?

It means that based on the information provided on your registration, we were unable to perform a background check and confirm your affiliation to an ILGA-Europe member organisation, an LGBTI organisations working in Europe and Central Asia or an ally of the LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia (institutions, funders, civil society organisations).

If you believe this is a mistake and you identify as belonging to one of the groups above, send an email to: Please provide as much information as possible so that we can verify your affiliation, which is crucial for the safety of the event.


Why is ILGA-Europe limiting access to the event?

Organising a large event online for the first time comes with a lot of new challenges and we want to focus on making sure that LGBTI activists in Europe and Central Asia can safely connect. The mandate of ILGA-Europe is primarily to support the LGBTI movement in these regions. Limiting access to activists and allies working in these regions will allow us to make their participation most meaningful. A number of plenary sessions will be live-streamed and accessible to the wider public. Stay tuned via our social media channels!


What is the Gathering Online exactly?

Following the cancellation of the in-person Annual Conference, it is important for LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia to have an opportunity to engage, regroup and be empowered in times of turbulence. With the Gathering Online ILGA-Europe aims at offering a space where LGBTI activists and their allies can come together to reflect on the larger issues currently affecting the LGBTI movement and shaping the realities of our communities in Europe and Central Asia: the COVID-19 pandemic, widening socioeconomic inequalities, further backsliding of democracy and attacks on human rights, reckoning of structural racism and other inequalities, and more.

The event will be made up of live sessions with panels and more interactive break-out sessions during which we want to foster information sharing, peer learning and strategic discussions. The programme will be made up of maximum of two sessions of 90 minutes per day. These sessions will take place from 11.30-13.00 and from 14.30-16.00 CET each day.


So can I expect the same as at an Annual Conference?

For people who have been to our Annual Conferences before it is important to know that the Online Gathering is not the same as the conference. It is very difficult to recreate the community and bonding feel that takes place at in-person events. Organising a large event online for the first time is definitely challenging for our team, as we need to learn how to organise a large scale event online for the first time, while implementing our ongoing work in constantly changing circumstances. Whilst we will not be able to meet everybody’s expectations, we count on you to make most out of it together and use this opportunity to connect and reflect.

It is our sincere hope that in 2021, we will be in a position to again organise an event with an extensive and diverse workshop programme, with research presentations and consultation spaces, with a rich social programme, and of course lots of space of in-person networking with many new people and new actors. These things will however not be part of the Gathering Online 2020. Having said all this, the platform on which we will host our Gathering Online will provide you with opportunities to connect with each other from your own home. Organising it online offers us features that will help us to connect in different ways. We are confident that as such, we will also be offering new possibilities!


Do I have to take part in the entire event?

No, we are building the programme in way that it will not be necessary to participate in each session to follow the conversation during the week. We actually encourage you to prioritise the break-out sessions where you have the most to learn from or contribute to. There will be more ways to catch up: video recordings, visuals, and reflections during plenary sessions. You may want to consider attending the plenary sessions though, as we aim to feature some of the most important conversations there.


How will the Gathering Online work?

The Gathering Online will be hosted on an online event platform called WhovaWe are in the process of building the platform and will launch it on Thursdqy 1st October. On the platform you will be able to:

  • Browse the programme
  • Book your attendance to sessions – some interactive break-out sessions have limited capacity!
  • Join live sessions hosted on Zoom
  • Access recordings of sessions and other material
  • Connect with ILGA-Europe and other participants
  • Contribute to community message boards
  • Join in social groups
  • Organize your own meet-ups with other participants


Will there be a space where I can connect with other participants?

Yes, the online event platform offers several opportunities for interaction and networking among participants like one-to-one chat, message boards or online group meetings that you can organize yourself. We will also organize a few informal opportunities for participants to connect with each other.


I have concerns about digital security and disclosing my identity online. What can I do?

It is our priority to make sure that the Gathering Online is a safe space for all participants. This is why we have a registration procedure in two steps:

  • Step 1: You need to register and provide information that allows us to perform a background check and verify your identity. This information will not be shared with other participants. If you have concerned about digital security, we recommend you use a secure email with end-to-end encryption (such a Protonmail, CounterMail, Mailfence or Tutanota) to register.
  • Step 2: You will be invited to create your profile on the event platform. At this stage you can chose to use a pseudonym. We invite you to read Whova’s privacy policy. It contains indications on how you can make your profile invisible if you want to remain anonymous on the platform.

During the procurement process we paid a close attention to digital security. We selected an event platform that is GDPR compliant, with servers located in the US and TLS data encryption. Most sessions will be hosted on Zoom. You will not be required to turn on your camera during sessions. There will be opportunities to contribute by speaking or in writing. Other participants will only be able to see your name (or pseudonym), organisation and country according to your profile. Other participants will be able to send you chat message but you do not have to interact with them if you do not feel safe to do so. You might want to consider using a VPN.

Here are useful resources that can help protect your identity and data:

If you have concerns about your privacy and digital security you can contact us:


Can I tweet about the Gathering Online?

You can tweet from the sessions that are publicly broadcasted. We however ask you not to post any information on social media from other sessions, such as break-out sessions. Be mindful that people's safety may be compromised. Do not take screenshots that may reveal the identity of other participants. In any case, do not collect and share pictures or content without permission and consent.


I need interpretation. Will it be provided?

Interpretation will be provided in English-Russian for all the plenary sessions and a number of break-out sessions. The interpretation will be accessible online directly from the event platform. More information will be available soon.


I have accessibility needs. Will they be catered for?

We are currently working to provide close captioning for all plenary sessions and AGM sessions. We are also looking into additional measures we could put in place to make the event accessible to people with sensory disabilities. If you have any accessibility needs, you can mention them during registration. We will explore what we can offer. Although we must be honest: organizing a gathering of this size online for the first time comes with challenges and this might mean that we cannot offer everything that would be required to make this event truly accessible for everyone.


I am not affiliated with an ILGA-Europe member, can I take part in the AGM?

Unfortunately not. AGM sessions will only be accessible to representatives of ILGA-Europe member organisations.


How do I access the AGM?

AGM sessions will be accessible via the same online event platform where we are going to host the Gathering Online.


Can I vote at the AGM?

ILGA-Europe member organisations wishing to exercise their rights – including voting, having a representative from their organisation run for a position or nominating a candidate for a position – are required to pay the 3 most recent years of their annual fees (i.e. the current calendar year and the previous two years). If you are not sure if your organisation has outstanding fees, please contact:

Instructions about online voting will be send closer to the date of the AGM.


How to pay our membership fees?

Membership fees are to be paid to ILGA World (not ILGA-Europe). Please read the instructions for payment of your membership fees. Since the AGM is taking place online this year, it will not be possible to pay in cash. Voting will happen through a secured online platform. To help us administer voting rights and make the online voting process as smooth as possible, please pay your membership fee by Friday 9th October.


I have another question about the Gathering Online.

If you did not find your answer above, please contact: