LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

2nd Conference Mailing

This section contains all the documents included in the 2nd Conference Mailing.

Dear friends,

ILGA Europe’s 20th Annual Conference is only two months away!

This year’s conference, hosted by our Cypriot member Accept-LGBT, is taking place in Nicosia, Cyprus, from 19-22 October 2016 and we are excited to share additional information about the biggest European gathering of activists and stakeholders working on the enhancement of human rights of LGBTI people with you.

ILGA-Europe’s team and the local hosts Accept LGBT are in full swing with logistical and programme preparations to bring you yet another wonderful event. We are looking forward to welcome you for three intense days of stimulating discussions in the outstanding location of Nicosia, Cyprus.

This letter includes:

  1. Updates on Conference Programme
  2. Important Practical Information
  3. 2nd Mailing Information

1.Updates on the conference programme

1.1 Keynote Speakers

Under the theme: Power to the People - Celebrating 20 years of the strength within we would like to continue building on the long-standing successes of the LGBTI movement during the first 20 years of ILGA-Europe’s existence while focusing on the current critical context of the European human rights movement and the challenges facing the LGBTI movement in Europe. In that regard, we are preparing a comprehensive programme to explore how to successfully make use of our “People’s Power” to march together the challenging path towards equality for all.

At this point, ILGA-Europe’s team is delighted to let you know of some of the inspiring keynote speakers who will be in Nicosia (more to be confirmed at a later stage):

Rikki Beadle-Blair (Creative Director at Team Angelica) will be starting off by giving this year’s QueerEd speech. Broden Giambrone (Chief Executive at TENI), Dounia Jari (Board Member at Maruf) and Mamikon Hovsepyan (Director at PINK Armenia) will bring you their insight at the Movement Voices Panel. Kevin Jennings (Arcus Foundation Executive Director), Michael O’Flaherty (FRA Director) and Stella Kyriakides (Cypriot MP and PACE member) will bring their expertise to the Political Panel. Following last years’ success, Miguel Vale de Almeida (anthropologist, professor at the University Institute of Lisbon and LGBTI activist) has again agreed to be our conference host.

1.2 New and improved programme elements this year!

This year ILGA-Europe is becoming 20 years old and we want to celebrate our anniversary with you. In that regard, we have prepared a retrospective session to reflect on ILGA-Europe’s journey during its 20 years of existence where we will have the opportunity to discuss with former board members about the LGBTI European movement successes and the yet so many challenges ahead.

We have also introduced a new space where participants can present and hear about research and projects regarding LGBTI issues. The idea is that participants get a flavour about your work. If people want to learn more, then they can approach you directly during the conference. Please follow the conference Facebook group for more information about this space.

In Nicosia there will be even more spaces available for self-organized meetings. Self-organised spaces can be planned or spontaneous, can focus on any subject of interest to the participants on the conference and will be allocated on a ‘first come – first served’ basis during the conference.

2.Important practical information

2.1 Register for the Conference

The call for the registration is open until 1 September 2016 (23:59 CET). Register now by filling in the online form.

For your reference, the calls for Scholarship Applications and Workshop Proposals have been closed.


2.2 Future important deadlines to take into account

  • 1 September 2016 (23:59 CET) Deadline for:
    • Registration of conference participants. Register here now!
    • Nomination of candidates for the ILGA-Europe Executive Board and ILGA (world)
    • Submission of amendments to proposals
    • Submission of proposals to host the 2018 conference
  • 27 September 2016Third Mailing including final agenda of the Annual General Meeting, names of candidates for ILGA-Europe Executive Board and for ILGA (world) Executive Board, names of candidates for the ILGA Executive Board, candidates for hosting 2018 Annual Conference and the proposed budget for next financial year.

2.3 Accommodation

Let us remind you that registering for the conference and booking your hotel are two different processes this year and all self-paying participants need to book their own hotel. ILGA-Europe has contracted a special rate for participants in Hilton Cyprus Hotel (discounted rate closes Friday 2 September) and Semeli Hotel (Discounted rate closes on Monday 19 September). Be aware that you are also free to explore your own options. Find all information here. If you are a scholar or booking a half of a double room in any of the above hotels, fill in your preferences for room sharing here.

2.4 Travel

This year we recommend that you plan your travel early as this can reduce your costs significantly. Recommended airports to travel to Cyprus are Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport. Please, find airlines operating to Larnaca International Airport here and to Paphos International Airport here. Note that besides regular airlines there are also low cost and charter flights operating to both airports. Find all information here.

2.5 Childcare

If you are coming to ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference with children, be aware that we are working to offer you a childcare service at an additional cost. Please, tell us ahead so we can have a rough idea of the number of people using this service at

2.6 Facebook event page

Join the Facebook event page now! Get updates and share your thoughts ahead of ILGA-Europe’s 20th Annual Conference. Interact and find people with your same interests. If you are planning a self-organized meeting it is also the place to advertise it!  

2.7 Visa

If you need to request a travel visa in order to attend the Annual Conference, please complete the following document at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by email.

3.Information pertaining to the 2nd mailing

Our conference communications structure has four parts, each of which contains specific information as outlined in the organisation rules - a premailing, 1st, 2nd and 3rd mailing. In the pre-mailing we circulated a statement from the Executive Board concerning the details of registration, workshop proposals and scholarship application.

In the first mailing we included nomination forms for candidates of ILGA-Europe and ILGA (world) Executive Board together with endorsement forms for these nominations, delegation and proxy form and guidance on procedures.

In this 2nd emailing we are informing you about:

Please, find all of the documents under the “pre-conference mailing” and “first mailing” sections at the ILGA-Europe’s 20th Annual Conference section on our webpage.

3.1 Annual General Meeting

ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference is also our Annual General Assembly in which half of the Executive Board is elected and in which constitutional and policy issues for the following years are discussed. Download the preliminary agenda here.

3.2 Elections at the conference

Following ILGA-Europe’s democratic rules we will have elections to choose half of the Executive Board for their two year term. The two European representatives to the ILGA (world) board are also up for elections for a 2-year term. We are calling for nominations to be made according to the guidelines. Nominations should be sent by email to before 1 September (23:59 CET).

If you want to vote at the Annual General Meeting during the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference, please remember that you must have paid the invoices for the last three years (or for the last two if your organisation has joined ILGA less than 2 years ago, or for the last year if your organisation has joined ILGA only in the last twelve months). Log in to your account on the ILGA World website and download your invoice here You can either pay by credit card (Paypal) or via your bank account (don’t forget to add invoice number). If you experience any technical problem with your log in, please contact ILGA World.

3.3 Selection of future conference host

This year’s conference will decide on the host for ILGA-Europe’s 22nd Annual Conference in 2018. Member organisations interested in hosting the 2018 conference must submit their proposal. Please see the “Guidelines for Member Organisations wishing to host the annual conference”.

3.4 Policy and constitutional debates

With this mailing the Board announces the following proposals:

3.5 Financial Reports

The auditor’s financial report for 2015 can be found here.

Streamlining of conference mailing process - important notice!

As in previous years we are again streamlining the conference mailing process: for each of the three mailings, you will receive a notification that the relevant conference information is available at the ILGA-Europe website. All documents will be available at all times at ILGA-Europe’s website.

We look forward to welcoming you in Nicosia next 19 October!

Yours sincerely,

Joyce Hamilton and Brian Sheehan

ILGA-Europe Co-Chairs

Evelyne Paradis

ILGA-Europe Executive Director

All procedural documents and details of how to register for conference are available at ILGA Europe’s 2016 Conference page

For updates also follow Annual Conference’s Facebook event page.

For information write to us at