LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

The programme

The theme of this year’s conference is:

"Power to the People - Celebrating 20 years of the strength within"

You can read more about why we choose this particular conference theme here.

Download the conference programme overview here

What does the conference programme look like?

The programme of the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference includes approximately 36 workshops lasting 1.5 hours each. Most of the workshops are arranged in advance by the ILGA-Europe staff, board and invited experts and are connected to the theme of the Conference, dedicated to relevant advocacy issues from a European perspective or are capacity-building sessions. As usual, the conference will have a QueerED, plenary panel sessions, consultations and a networking space. This year will also feature a growing number of self-organised sessions.

What themes do the workshops cover?

Below you will find an overview of themes / subjects that we intend to cover. A detailed conference programme will be available after the summer, tentatively planned workshops include:

  • Asylum
  • Building alliances: strategic importance, opportunities and challenges of coalition-building
  • Building our understanding on social change Education: campaigns and initiatives on safe schools, sexual education, research and data collection
  • Campaigning: recent successes & lessons learned, building skills and knowledge, online campaigning
  • Community organising
  • Developments at the Council of Europe, European Union, Fundamental Rights Agency and LGBTI-Intergroup of the European Parliament
  • Digital security
  • Diversity and intersectionality
  • Funding for LGBTI movement: individual donor fundraising, working with funders
  • Health: working with health practitioners 
  • How to support the intersex movement
  • Shrinking space for civil society
  • Strategic communication: messaging framing, story-telling as tool to increase our powerbase
  • Strategic litigation
  • Wellbeing of activists

Can I make comments or suggestions?

You have the opportunity to identify major missing areas / themes which you would like to see covered. ILGA-Europe will assess the feedback provided and might plan additional programme elements if different members identify similar missing programme elements. For workshop proposals (see below) and suggestions for the programme please fill-out this form (deadline: Sunday 19 June 2016 – midnight CET).

Can I go one step further and organise my own workshop?

Yes, our members also have the opportunity to propose workshops for the programme. ILGA-Europe reserves 10 slots for member-led workshops that will be selected by ILGA-Europe board and staff. Workshop proposals should meet all of the following criteria:

  • Proposed on behalf of 3 ILGA-Europe members (working together) to ensure a cross-regional character
  • Contain an interactive element in its methodology / facilitation that allows for peer-learning. Read here more about what we mean with peer-learning.
  • Explain how they are relevant for a variety of activists representing different backgrounds and realities

When similarities appear between proposed workshops, the organising team may suggest that members join forces in organising one joint workshop. We encourage organisations to consult ILGA-Europe staff leading on thematic areas before finalizing their proposal. Staff members might provide input or advise on the direction of a proposal, as well as potential speakers. Please visit our staff section to find out which staff member you should consult.

ILGA-Europe has a policy of not covering the expenses of workshops’ speakers/presenters. Whilst workshop proposers may apply for a scholarship, they are not guaranteed a scholarship.

For workshop proposals and suggestions for the programme (see above), please fill-out this form (deadline: Sunday 19 June 2016 – midnight CET).


The deadline for submission of workshops proposals is Sunday 19 June 2016 (Midnight CET). The ILGA-Europe team will evaluate the proposals and inform the candidates about the selection by early August 2016 at the latest.

Self-organised spaces

Alongside the workshops included in the formal programme, self-organised spaces will be available during the Conference. In 2016, ILGA-Europe will make more spaces available for self-organised meetings. Self-organised spaces are not booked before the Conference. You can only book a self-organised space during the Conference - a dedicated chart will be displayed together with the conference program at the beginning of the conference. The spaces will be allocated on a ‘first come – first served’ basis.

Self-organised spaces can be planned or spontaneous and can focus on any subject of interest to the participants of the Conference.

For any queries concerning the workshop proposals, please write to us,