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Accommodating needs: What does ILGA-Europe offer?

ILGA-Europe’s aim is to organise events that are inclusive and accessible to all. To this end, the organisation tries to accommodate the needs of participants to its events to the best of its ability.

Here are examples of measures and services that ILGA-Europe offers to participants to its events*:

  • Meeting food and dietary requirements of participants, including flexibility in schedule of meals
  • Supporting costs for accompanying person and/or carer
  • Organising events at accessible venues (including lifts, accessible toilets, etc.)
  • Offering adapted hotel rooms for persons with disabilities or with other specific needs
  • Accessible communication
  • Documents available in large fonts/different formats
  • Translation from English into other languages (where funding available)
  • Palantypist system (simultaneous transcription) (where funding available)
  • Supporting day care facilities for families
  • Offering adapted transportation for participants with needs (e.g. paying for taxis, adapted vehicle, etc.)
  • Gender-neutral toilets

*This is not an exhaustive list of measures available. Where justified, ILGA-Europe will do its best to accommodate needs of participants in other forms.

Who to contact for more information about other forms of accommodation?
The administration & finance team - check staff members here.

Who to contact if you are concerned that your needs are not being met adequately? 
First, you can contact the event organiser. Should the issue not be resolved, you can contact the Executive Director (Evelyne Paradis –


  • ILGA-Europe may require medical certificates as supporting documents for some of the costs, where this is required by its funders
  • Some of the measures are dependent on available funding. Where ILGA-Europe is not able to accommodate specific needs because of financial implications, the organisation will do its best to find alternative solutions.

(May 2012)