LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Workshop 1-8

Workshop 1: Towards partnership legislation in the rest of Europe
While many European countries have seen great developments over the past 20 years when it comes to introducing same-sex partnership laws and marriage equality, other European countries still do not have any legal regulation applicable to same-sex couples and families. Mostly these are countries in Eastern and Southern Europe, who joined the EU within the last few years, or are yet to become EU member states. During this workshop we will learn more about one of the biggest success stories in recent years – the Spanish experience, as well as share our experiences and best practises in advocating for partnership laws and marriage in several other European countries.
Presenters: Isidro Garcia Nieto, LGBT group of CCOO, Spain; Tatjana Greif, Škuc-LL, Slovenia; Sanja Juras, Kontra, Croatia; Tomek Szypula, KPH, Poland; Evita Gosa, Mozaika, Latvia.

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  • Isidro Garcia Nieto, LGBT group of CCOO

Workshop 2: The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia as a policy instrument in advocacy
The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia is increasingly being invested in by organizations, activists and institutions across Europe as a core annual moment in advocacy, lobbying, campaigning and communication strategies. In many countries, organisations have chosen to use the ‘formal’ nature of the Day to make it a core moment in their advocacy strategies towards national or local authorities. In some of these countries, organisations have tried, and mostly succeeded, to claim official recognition of the Day from public authorities, in order to ensure their full commitment and generate concrete actions. The workshop will share experiences at two levels: the processes through which the official recognition has been achieved and the strategic use that has/can be made of the recognition.
Presenters: Joel Bedos, IDAHO Committee; Gabriel Aranda, FELGBT, Spain; Franko Dota, Zagreb Pride, Croatia; Bjorn van Roozendaal, COC, the Netherlands; Bruno Selun, European Parliament.

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  • Joel Bedos, IDAHO Committee
  • Gabriel Aranda, FELGBT
  • Franko Dota, Zagreb Pride

Workshop 3: New tool for police training against LGBTI-phobic violence
In 2008-2011, ILGA-Europe has been developing a project called “Working with the police / Challenging hate crimes in Europe”. This workshop is dedicated to the presentation of its outcomes, including a recently published toolkit on developing partnership-based training modules with and for police forces. This new tool was based on the practice and expertise of ILGA-Europe members in different parts of Europe. ILGA-Europe is willing to assist members that would want to develop such modules. Presentations will be made from the perspective of activist experiences of training the police.
Presenters: Joel Le Deroff, ILGA-Europe; Tamás Dombos, Háttér Társagág a Melegekért, Hungary; Erwin Carlier, Rainbow House, Brussels, Belgium.

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  • Joel Le Deroff, ILGA-Europe

Workshop 4: ILGA-Europe finances
Presentation and discussion of ILGA-Europe accounts for 2010-2011.Discussion of indicative budget for 2011-2012 and preparations for statutory proceedings in the AGM, including appointment of the auditor.
Presenters: Pierre Serne, ILGA-Europe Treasurer; Olimpia Ciripoiu, ILGA-Europe Finance and Administration Manager.

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Workshop 5: How can the European Commission be of any help?
It is commonly assumed that the European Commission is a bureaucratic institution that is far away from national civil society, but is it so? The aim of this workshop is to explore the interactions between the European Commission and the stakeholders. It will debate the supports, the practices and the future developments that are required to enhance this relation. These should be discussed in the context of advancing equality and combating discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The workshop will be interactive and participative. Time will be given to ensuring an effective exchange of knowledge and experience among the panellists and the participants.
Presenters: Joanna Serdynska, Directorate General Justice of the European Commission; Detlev Boeing, Directorate General Enlargement of the European Commission.

Workshop 6: Forerunners working together in Europe
Government officials give an update on the recent developments with regards to LGB&T equality and human rights in Europe and in their respective country, and also reflect on the theme of the conference: human rights and traditional values: clash or dialogue? The workshop will be facilitated in an interactive format with Q&A session in the end.
Presenters: Government LGBT Focal Points: Hanne Grasmo and Bjørn Lescher-Nuland, Norway; Emma Reed, United Kingdom (tbc); Ben Baks, The Netherlands.

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  • Ben Baks, The Netherlands
  • Hanne Grasmo and Bjørn Lescher-Nuland, Norway

Workshop 7: Consolidate workplace alliances: trade unions and companies strive together for LGBT acceptance and a safe workplace
Creating a level playing field for trade unionists and corporate employees is a challenge. How do we work together constructively for LGBT equality, visibility and emancipation even if we do not share a common vision for society? Do we want the same approach (e.g. Business Case versus Corporate Social Responsibility versus Workers rights)? Do we speak the same language? How do we create interconnection and sustainability? The workshop will discuss the approaches: solidarity, a collective vision statement, a joint strive for legal requirements (safety, labour agreements), a joint strive for LGBT diversity policy, a declared and active collaboration, LGBT employees networks.
Presenters: Marcelina Oosthoek, CPP/FNV, the Netherlands; Salvatore Marra, CGIL, Italy.

Workshop 8: Proposals / Actions *
Discussion of proposals. The workshop makes recommendations to the plenary.
Presenters: chairing pool.

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