LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Workshop 17-31

Workshop 17: Combating homophobia in schools
This workshop consists in the presentation of four projects that have been launched in the field of education, at the local, national and European level.Two European projects will be presented: “Voice OUT: A European Political Game for Students”, by the Global Alliance for LGBT Education (GALE) and a project focusing on discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in the school context, coordinated by the Danish institute for Human Rights. An Irish organisation, BeLonG To Youth Services will present the “Stand Up! Campaign”, and the host city of the annual conference will introduce the Education Group of "Coordinamento TorinoPride".

Presenters: Peter Dankmeijer, GALE; Evguenia Klementieva, Danish institute for Human Rights; Michael Barron, BeLonG To Youth Services, Ireland; Achille Schiavone, City of Turin.

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  • Voice OUT: Description of the project and Political game
  • Achille Schiavone, City of Turin
  • Michael Barron, BeLonG To Youth Services

Workshop 18: Monitoring implementation of the Committee of Ministers Recommendation on Combating sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination
In 2010 the Council of Europe agreed a Recommendation to member states setting out measures they should take to combat sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination, and agreed to review progress in implementing these measures in March 2013. It was the world's first internationally agreed legal instrument on LGBTI rights. The Dutch government has provided ILGA-Europe with funds to finance projects in 20 member states to document progress in implementing the measures, and to carry out related awareness raising and advocacy work. These projects were the subject of a call for proposals published in August, with the deadline for submissions on 7 November. The workshop will provide organisations interested in applying for a grant with a final opportunity to seek any clarifications they need. It will also provide a general overview of the Recommendation, the implementation process, and the monitoring projects, for other interested parties.
Presenters: Max Anmeghichean, ILGA-Europe Programmes Director; Nigel Warner, ILGA-Europe Adviser on Council of Europe.

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  • Max Anmeghichean and Nigel Warner, ILGA-Europe

Workshop 19: Bi visibility and equality in the workplace
We have worked for decades to establish that sexual orientation is a legitimate workplace issue: that employers and managers must take steps to tackle discrimination and promote equality for LGB workers. Although there are enormous differences within and between European countries, great strides have been made and there are examples of very good practice. But even where lesbian and gay workers are recognised and respected, bi workers often remain invisible and biphobia is rampant. Bi workers can be isolated both from lesbian and gay workers and from their straight colleagues. UNISON – the UK public service union – has organised lesbian and gay members since its foundation. In 2005, we became a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender group. Our bi caucus, established in 2005, has led us in making sure that bi issues have their rightful place in our work.This interactive workshop will look at how to make sure that bi issues are properly addressed in LGBT organising. It will also identify key issues of bi workplace equality and how to address them.
Presenters: Suzanna-Yong Leej and Dettie Gould, UNISON, United Kingdom.

Workshop 20: Seat at the table: promoting LGBT leaders around the world
The Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute (GLLI) is a US based nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people serving in public office across the US and to provide trainings and leadership development programming to ensure their success. Today there are more than 1,000 elected and appointed LGBT leaders in the US. GLLI, which was founded in 1993, wants to learn from ILGA-Europe participants about the types of tactics and trainings that have been successful outside of the US to promote LGBT civic engagement and leadership. We will also discuss shared challenges of advancing LGBT leaders and opportunities for collaboration among individuals and organizations interested in promoting LGBT leaders around the world.
Presenters: Robin Brand, Deputy Executive Director and George Walker, Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute, USA.

Workshop 21: Trans: European and national-level developments and good practices
This workshop will provide various perspectives that can be used in the struggle for full legal gender recognition in Europe and full citizenship for trans people by highlighting some recent developments in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. The presentations by ILGA-Europe, Transgender Europe, Human Rights Watch amongst others will be restricted to the first 1hr. Subsequently it will provide an opportunity for an interactive exchange of experiences, views and suggestions.
Presenters: Silvan Agius, ILGA-Europe; Carla La Gata, Richard Köhler, Cat McIlroy, and Maria Sundin - Transgender Europe Steering Committee; Boris O. Dittrich, Human Rights Watch; Manuel Ródenas, AET Transexualia; AmetsSuess, STP2012 Campaign.

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  • Transgender Europe
  • Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide (TvT)

Workshop 22: Running smart: successful strategies for LGBT candidates
The Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute (GLLI) is a US based nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people serving in public office. When GLLI was founded twenty years ago there were only 49 open LGBT elected leaders in the US. Today there are over 500. Like in other parts of the world, in the US there is a direct link between LGBT representation and the types of protections in place for our community. This workshop will focus on communication and fundraising strategies GLLI uses to promote its mission to ensure LGBT leaders are successful. Come learn about the “message box,” how to promote the impact of LGBT leaders, and successful fundraising strategies to support LGBT organizations and candidates.
Presenters: Robin Brand, Deputy Executive Director and George Walker, Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute, USA.

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  • Robin Brand, Deputy and George Walker, Strategic Partnerships of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute

Workshop 23: Towards inclusive health services for LGBTI people
The aim of this workshop is to analyse the current challenges faced by LGBTI people in their relation with healthcare providers and to identify possible solutions and good practices to overcome them. There is no specific speaker for this workshop. Sophie Aujean, Policy and Programmes officer in charge of the health portfolio will facilitate the discussions; however, the key input will come from the participants. The discussions may focus on the stigmatisation of LGBTI people by the health practitioners, the mental health issues faced by young LGBTI people, the lack of research on the health conditions of LGBTI people and the pathologisation of trans identities. Specific needs like confidentiality, informed consent and visitation rights could be explored.
Moderator: Sophie Aujean, ILGA-Europe Policy and Programmes Officer.

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  • Sophie Aujean, ILGA-Europe

Workshop 24: Two major projects: Annual Review and FRA/GALLUP LGBT Survey
ILGA-Europe Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation for LGBTI people in Europe 2010 and Joint research with FRA and GALLUP: “European Union Survey of discrimination and victimisation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons”. This year ILGA-Europe embarked on two ambitious, large-scale European projects. Firstly, we are now working on the very first Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation for LGBTI People in Europe 2010. Secondly, we recently learned that our joint bid with GALLUP to conduct the EU-wide Survey of discrimination has been approved by the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency. These are two mega projects which help tremendously to map in greater details the true situation of LGBTI people across Europe and provide new tools for the advocates both at European and national level. Membership involvement is absolutely essential in these two projects and during this workshop a detailed explanation of the projects and member’s engagement and benefits will be explained and debated.
Presenters: Juris Lavrikovs, Communications Manager and Silvan Agius, Policy and Programmes Director, ILGA-Europe.

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  • Juris Lavrikovs, ILGA-Europe

Workshop 25: Free movement of rights
Free movement is an asset at EU level. But it cannot be really fulfilled without a genuine "free movement of rights". In this sense, EU is not even a "two-speed" space but a "multi-speed" one, as rights about LGBT people (and clearly not only) show. Purpose of this workshop (as a follow-up of a first meeting held in Rome at EuroPride 2011) is to present this notion and the ongoing work and perspectives as well as to debate once again about rights, their implementation and dissemination, their omission and infringement. A touchstone and check in this sense, with the added value that sport provides, will be EuroGames 2012 (the LGBT European multisport annual event hosted by EGLSF) scheduled in June 2012 in Budapest, Hungary ( a real challenge for all Europeans, LGBT and beyond, in a country where basic rights are under attack in the name of "traditional values".
Presented by: Anna Paola Concia, Member of Italian Parliament; Pepe García Vázquez (former co-president) and Jon Landa Diestro (current board member) on behalf of European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation.

Workshop 26: A QueerBi critical approach to traditional values related to monosexism, cishomonormativity and heterosexism
In this workshop we are going to look though a critical perspective at traditional values and norms, and how they exert an influence in the way we do LGBTIQ activism. We will concretely look at how we may reproduce traditional values within our community creating unchallenged privileges and power imbalances amongst us. We will look at traditional values, norms and privileges related to heteronormativity, homonormativity, cissexism and monosexism in order to have a holistic picture of some of the major power structures that affect LGBTIQ persons and that clash with our fundamental rights.
Presenters: Miguel Obradors, LGBT Denmark; Luis Flint, Pangaea.

Workshop 27: Misogyny and homophobia in Berlusconi’s Italy: feminine aesthetics and the lesbian body
Being conscious that the rise of the right wing is a problem shared in other countries in Europe, this workshop will address the specific Italian political and social situation as an example of a revival of machismo and corruption of public ethics tightly linked to conservative political interests. The bodies of women have become once again a site of struggle: different forces are fighting over them to impose their normativities. Recently women from all over Italy and from many different political backgrounds marched together to fight Berlusconi and his way of protecting his behaviour as “private” and as a matter of “freedom”, while at the same time not giving any right to LGBTI people and making women lives more and more precarious. What are the consequences for us? What happens to LGBTI bodies and desires that have always been marginal and out of place? How can we stop this trend and work for a better Italy (and Europe)? Nowadays where are hetero women and lesbians looking for positive models? How is our imaginary change?
Presenters: Cristina Gramolini, Vice-President of ArciLesbica Nazionale; Fabrizia Giuliani, National Committee of women’s movement “Se non oraquando”; Elena Tebano, Documentary writer (produced the documentary “Differently Straight”).

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Workshop 28: Maintaining your position during a difficult debate

Workshop 29: HIV and the LGBT community: health, stigma and human rights
This workshop will highlight the strong connection between promoting human of LGBT people worldwide and promoting LGBT health. It will stress the relevance of adopting a horizontal/antidiscrimination approach also in the context of LGBT health promotion because of the stigma often associated with people living with HIV. The workshop will also include presentations of best practices, like the project HIVoices and EMIS.
Presenters: Antons Mozalevskis, Mozaika; Ferenc Bagyinszky, European AIDS Treatment Group, Emanuele Pullega and Raffaele Lelleri –Arcigay.

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  • Emanuele Pullega and Raffaele Lelleri –Arcigay

Workshop 30: First intersex forum: recommendations to the LGBT movement
This workshop will provide information on the problems intersex people face on a daily basis, exploring the problems in their entirety. You will learn how and why being intersex is in some respects a threat to the person's psychic and physical health even though such persons may be in perfect physical health. You will understand why being intersex is not a disorder of sexual development. Most importantly, you will learn about how to advocate for intersex issues from a human rights perspective and about the recent political developments. Last but not least this will be the place to ask questions and get them answered.
Presenters: Dan Christian Ghattas – IVIM/OII-Germany; Ins A Kromminga – IVIM/OII-Germany; Ditte Dyreborg - Pangea - Copenhagen International LGBTIQ Network.

Workshop 31: Strategic litigation: an update on developments in the last year
In 2010 ILGA-Europe launched an initiative aimed at making effective use of opportunities for litigation at European level for promoting LGBTI rights. This has two main elements: encouraging member organisations to use litigation in their advocacy strategies; and maintaining an overview of areas where European level protection for LGBTI rights is non-existent or weak, with a view to encouraging cases in these areas.The workshop will discuss what has been learned from the first year of this new approach, and discuss the way forward. It will also bring participants up-to-date on recent developments in cases affecting LGBTI rights at European level.
Presenters: Nigel Warner, ILGA-Europe’s Council of Europe advisor; Rob Wintemute, ILGA Europe Council of Europe legal adviser.