LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Annual General Meeting 2017

Read more about the statutory Annual General Meeting for members of ILGA-Europe, which is held during the Annual Conference.

Since 3 July, we have open the call for...

  • Proposals or resolutions to the Constitution until 1 August ***CLOSED***
  • ILGA-Europe Executive Board candidates’ nomination until 20 September  ***NOW CLOSED***
  • ILGA World European Representatives’ reserves until 20 September  ***NOW CLOSED***
  • Next Conference Host nomination in 2019 until 20 September  ***NOW CLOSED***

On 2 October, some new documents were added, as follows:

  • Final Agenda of the Annual General Meeting
  • AGM – How does it work (including Delegation and Proxy Form)
  • Elections at the 2017 AGM
  • Proposals from the Board
  • Bids for hosting the 2019 Annual Conference
  • Activity reports from ILGA-Europe and from the European representatives to the ILGA World Board 
  • ILGA-Europe’s Financial Reports

The final minutes from the 2017 AGM were also added after the conference.

Find here the documents to help you out on…

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting

Agenda of the Annual General Meeting

Elections to the ILGA-Europe Executive Board

Proposals or Resolutions

ILGA-Europe Annual Conference 2019

Elections to the ILGA World Executive Board

Activity and finance reports of 2016-2017

Diversity and Inclusivity agenda in action - survey on governance  

The last few years ILGA-Europe has embarked on an exciting journey to integrate diversity into its work and conferences. Through our mascot PomPom encouraging thought and conversations, to creating diverse spaces, through practical changes and arrangements diversity has gone from buzzword to action.  Last year an important element was added by you, the membership, tasking the Board to look at increasing and improving diversity in our governance structures.  As a result, a pan European Diversity in Governance Working Group has been set up to guide us in that process which will take us to the conference in Brussels in 2018.

As this is all about you as members they need your help and ask for your input in a short survey (10 minutes) ***The survey is now closed***

Town hall meeting – ‘ILGA-Europe in 2025 – stretching the rainbow horizon’

In addition, at the conference in Warsaw there will be an open space for sharing your ideas and perspectives in a Town Hall style workshop meeting to look at our ideal ILGA-Europe in 2025 and beyond.

We need you to participate in growing the diversity and inclusivity agenda, so ask that you think before the conference and bring your ideas to the Town Hall.  

Given the growth of ILGA-Europe and the challenges ahead, what should a membership-based organisation look like in 2025? We warmly invite you to think how we as members make ILGA-Europe our own space?  The list of questions can be endless, so we would really like to invite you to bring your questions with your good ideas and suggestions as answers to the Town Hall. 

We are excited to see you there!

Find the full programme of the Annual Conference here