LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Registration and practical info

Find here information about registration and other practical information.

***Online registration is now closed***

Participation fee

Participation fee covers your access to the entire conference programme including all meals from dinner on Wednesday 1 November until breakfast on Sunday 5 November.

If you choose to stay in one of the pre-booked hotels, accommodation costs are included in the participation fee. ILGA-Europe will manage the booking process and the rooming list.


Participation fee + Accommodation in Main Conference Hotel
Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Centre

Participation fee + Accommodation in Alternative Hotel
Leonardo Royal Hotel Warsaw 

Participation fee + No accommodation

Own accommodation

Single room

Shared room

Single room

Shared room

Valid when booked until 11 September






Late registration

Please note that if you do not register online in due time, the fee for late registration is €350. It is to be paid in Warsaw in cash and does not include accommodation. Hence if you do not register online until 25 September you have to book your own accommodation.

Cancellation fee

Please note that if you cancel your participation after 15 September , ILGA-Europe will only be able to partially reimburse your participation fee. 


ILGA-Europe aim at making the Annual Conference accessible to all. To this end, we have negotiated discount rates and pre-booked hotels. We are able to offer the following options:

  1. Staying at the Main Conference Hotel – Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Centre where the conference will take place here
  2. Staying at the Alternative Hotel – Leonardo Royal Hotel Warsaw located 5 minute walk from the Main Conference Hotel

Please note that accommodation costs are included in the participation fee if you choose to stay at the Conference Hotel or the Alternative Hotel.This year, ILGA-Europe will centralise the booking process. You do not need to get in touch with the hotels above.

  1. Arranging your own accommodation: It is not compulsory to stay in one of the pre-booked hotels. Feel free to explore your own options. If you decide to arrange your own accommodation, please make sure to select the corresponding participation fee when you register online.

ILGA-Europe have negotiated discount rates (175 PLN/night for a single room / 195 PLN/night for a twin room) at the Hotel Ibis Warszawa Centrum located 8 minute walk from the Main Conference Hotel. You need to arrange your own accommodation using this booking form. The rates are valid until 30 September 2017.

Other budget hotels within 15-20 minute walk:

Room sharing preferences

If you choose to stay in a shared room, you will have the opportunity to indicate your room sharing preferences on your registration form. 

If you have any question about room sharing, please contact us at:


Recommended date of arrival/departure

A welcome reception will take place on Wednesday 1 November. A closing dinner and party will take place on Saturday 4 November.

  • Suggest arrival: Afternoon of Wednesday 1 November
  • Suggested departure: Morning of Sunday 5 November

Getting to/from Warsaw

It is fairly easy to access Warsaw. Nevertheless, we encourage you to book your travel timely as this can reduce your travel costs significantly. Below we provide further advice on how to travel to/from Warsaw in the most economic ways.

By plane

KPH recommends the following online search engine:

There are two international airports in Warsaw:

  • Warsaw Chopin Airport – Regular airlines and some low-cost connections. It is located in Warsaw, approximately 8 km from the conference venue. Chopin Airport offers easiest and timely access with public transport. The following means of transport can be used to get to/from the airport:
  • Warsaw Modlin Airport – Mainly Ryanair and charters. It is located outside Warsaw, approximately 40 km from the conference venue. The following means of transport can be used to get to/from the airport:
  • Airport shuttle – It is the easiest and the cheapest way to get to/from the airport. The shuttle takes approximately 50 minutes and stops in Warsaw in front of Palace of Culture and Science (see map here). A single ticket costs 33 PLN/person and can be purchased online here.
  • Taxi – The airport collaborates with two taxi companies: Sawa Taxi (both ways) and Taxi Modlin (only from the airport). Taxis usually take 35-40 minutes. A single trip costs approximately 150-200 PLN.
  • Public transport – Local trains depart from Central Railway Station to Modlin. From Modlin, there are regular buses operated by Koleje Mazowieckie running from the Modlin Railway Station, which provide fast transport to the terminal. Time needed to get to/from the airport is approximately 1 hour. A single ticket costs approximately 20 PLN. You can find more information here.

By train

For short distance international connections train can be a convenient option. All international trains arrive at the Central Railway Station (Warszawa Centralna). It is located in the city center. You can get from the station to the conference venue by tram (22, 24) or by walk. It takes approximately 15 minutes. You can find more information about public transport here.

Visa request 

If you need to request a visa to enter Poland, you will have the opportunity to indicate it on your registration form. Please make sure to complete ALL the relevant fields (citizenship, passport number, issue/expiration date, etc.) otherwise we will not be able to provide timely support for your visa application procedure.

If in doubt, please check the list of countries whose nationals may enter Poland without a visa. Information about the visa application procedure and delays can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

If you have any question about visa application, please contact us at:

Other relevant practical info

Exchange rate and means of payment

Official currency of Poland is Polish Zloty (PLN). Exchange rates at the airport are usually higher than in the city. If you plan to exchange money, you can easily find exchange points near the hotel or elsewhere in the city.

Current exchange rate: 1 EUR = 4.50 PLN (or 1 USD = 4 PLN)

Warsaw is a card-friendly city. You might not need to withdraw or exchange money at all during your stay. Cards are widely accepted in major hotels, restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. You can purchase city transport tickets with cards at most of the stops and often directly on the bus or tram.

International communications

The international code for Poland is +48.


Early November temperature in Warsaw can vary from -5 to +5 degrees Celsius. Please keep that in mind while packing!


The voltage in Poland is 230 V (50 Hz). European plug with two circular metal pins is used throughout the country (Type E).

Pre-conference trainings and meetings

If you are attending a pre-conference training or meeting hosted by ILGA-Europe, we will contact you with further practical information.

Cancellations and refund

Final deadline for full refund when cancelling participation and accommodation is on Wednesday 11 October. Contact us at: