LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Pre-conference mailings

Find all the mailings here that were sent to all members prior the Annual Conference 2013 with essential information about registration, how to submit proposals and other information.

Dear friends,

We hereby have the pleasure of inviting our members to our annual conference which will take place in Zagreb between the 24 - 26 October 2013 under the theme “Family Matters! Reaching out to hearts and minds”. The theme has been chosen on the background of the numerous family related discussions that have taken place in Europe over the past year and the very mixed picture when it comes to realities in different states. A crucial message that ILGA-Europe wishes to convey is that family is not just a conceptual debate for LGBTI people, but rather a debate around real and lived experiences. In this context, it is essential that ILGA-Europe not only looks at legal and political arguments, but also closely looks at how hearts and minds of people can be won. The conference will look at how the community can contribute to educate the wider audience.

The pre-mailing includes the Scholarship Form, Registration Form and the Workshop Proposal Form. The first, second and third mailings as well as the document “Guidelines for proposals” will outline how to make a proposal to the constitution and to nominate candidates to the Board. The calendar of mailings and important dates are as follows:

We look forward to meeting you on the 24 October in Zagreb, and hope to see you in great numbers.

Yours sincerely,
Gabi Calleja and Martin K.I. Christensen
ILGA-Europe co-chairs