Consultant for Inventory of ILGA-Europe’s Strategic Litigation Work

Identification of the gaps areas in need of addressing through ILGA-Europe’s strategic litigation work. Deadline for applications, Sunday, 4 September 2022

Since 2010 ILGA-Europe has been conducting annual inventory of SOGIESC case-law as part of its strategic litigation work. In 2010 we developed a methodology for identifying European level gaps in human rights protection for LGBTI people, for monitoring pending cases which might close these gaps, and for encouraging lawyers and activists to bring forward new cases to close them.

The Inventory highlights the progress that has been made since 2010 in closing these gaps, draws attention to areas where gaps are still not adequately addressed, and monitors the flow of submissions to the European courts. In order to focus our strategic litigation efforts across Europe to fully protect and advance LGBTI rights, with this inventory ILGA-Europe wants to support members and partners across the region to identify trends and gaps in protection at the European level, which can commonly be tackled through litigation. The inventory further strengthens cooperation and helps guiding ILGA-Europe’s work and efforts by others in bringing forward and supporting strategic cases.

In addition to the broad overview of the developments, and identifying trends and gaps, the inventory exercise also includes the inventories of cases pending at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) categorised according to these gaps. 

Goals for this consultancy:

  • Identification of the gaps areas in need of addressing through ILGA-Europe’s strategic litigation work
  • Highlighting the legal developments across Europe on the protection of the rights of LGBTI people
  • Devising a dissemination plan for sharing the findings among partners and wider legal audience

Role of the consultant:

  • Liaise with key country contacts working on strategic litigation to update per country information sheets
  • Compile the country information and update master file with most recent developments
  • Analyse the compiled data, by categorisation of case-law developments in relation to closing the gaps
  • Update ECtHR and CJEU case-law for the past 24 months
  • Update implementation progress of ECtHR and CJEU cases
  • Propose a dissemination plan to ensure a wider range of relevant stakeholders (including LGBTI organisations, legal practitioners and other litigation actors) is aware and has access to this resource

Applications should be sent to our Head of Litigation, Arpi Avetisyan, by Sunday, 4 September 2022 CET.

Download the full Terms of Reference: