Turkish<>English translators and interpreters

Deadline for applications: Monday 10 October 2022 – 23:59 CEST

ILGA-Europe overview  

ILGA-Europe is the European and Central Asia Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Intersex Association (ILGA). ILGA-Europe is a membership-based organisation bringing together over 600+ organisations from 54 European and Central Asian countries, making it an excellent platform for joint advocacy and movement development. As part of its mandate ILGA-Europe both advocates for human rights and equality for LGBTI people in Europe and Central Asia; and strengthens the LGBTI movement throughout its capacity building programme.

Background for this work

ILGA-Europe works with activists and partners who are more comfortable speaking Turkish than English. In the coming 3 years we will be working closely with the LGBTI movement in Turkey and produce a lot of written material in Turkish. Usually this is done by translation of materials (e.g. training manuals, reports) on LGBTI rights in Europe and Central Asia from English into Turkish and vice-versa. We also often require simultaneous Turkish-English interpretation at various events online and in-person events.

Nature of the work

In the coming 3 years (2023-2025) ILGA-Europe and the LGBTI Rainbow Coalition will be implementing a project to support the LGBTI movement in Turkey. The project will require substantial amount of written materials to be translated Turkish<>English as well as interpretation services. For example, in the period January-March 2022 the amount of pages to be translated might sum up to 200 A4 pages (i.e financial documents, administrative procedures, project proposals, political articles etc.). Yet, there will be periods when the demand is at minimum – just several pages per month. At the same time, there will be 2-3 multiday events/year and approximately once a month online meetings up to 2 hours that will require simultaneous translation with involvement of at least 2 interpreters. Providing interpretation services for some physical events will involve domestic and international travel. 

ILGA-Europe intends to create a database of Turkish-English translators and interpreters. Due to the increase in the volume of work to be made available to Turkish-speakers, ILGA-Europe wants to create a pool of translators and interpreters to work with up until 2025.  Translators and interpreters whose applications are selected in this tendering process will be added to the database and contacted when needs for translation/interpretation emerge.

*Please note: applying to this tender and inclusion in the ILGA-Europe database is not a guarantee of being hired for work. However, ILGA-Europe will only offer pieces of work to translators and interpreters included in the database (i.e. persons who have been successful in this tender).

Role of the translator:  

Translate materials from English into Turkish and/or from Turkish into English, adapting the Turkish translation using gender and LGBTI sensitive language;
Regularly check with ILGA-Europe if questions arise on the use of LGBTI human rights vocabulary;
Communicate timely any delays to ILGA-Europe;
Provide final translated materials for ILGA-Europe in a digital format (MS Word, PDF) according to agreed timeline.   
For more information on the types of materials the translator will be translating, please see our Resource Hub and  ILGA-Europe’s publications page.  
Role of the interpreter:  

Provide simultaneous interpretation from English<>Turkish at in-person or online events discussing LGBTI issues;
Commit to using gender and LGBTI sensitive language;
Communicate timely on needs (equipment, background material).  
For information about the types of events that interpreters will be interpreting, please see more on ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference and section about supporting the movement.
Role of ILGA-Europe:  

Provide materials to be translated to the translator in digital/PDF format with indication of timeline and deadlines;
Respond to questions pertaining to the professional use of LGBTI human rights vocabulary;
In case of disagreement, final decisions in relation to the content are made by ILGA-Europe;
ILGA-Europe will have ownership of any translated materials.  
Role of ILGA-Europe:  

Provide overall schedule of the event and details of sessions with interpretation
Provide relevant background material for sessions
Provide professional equipment at in-person events (booth, mics, headsets, tech support) and checking on needs in terms of equipment (internet, access to professional hub) for remote interpretation at online events
Provide meal for full day worked at in-person events  

Who we are looking for

The translator/interpreter should have working experience in areas described in this Terms of Reference (ToR), and in particular:

  • Essential: Experience of translating/interpreting from English into Turkish and/or Turkish into English (this needs to be clearly demonstrated in the proposal);
  • Essential: native speaker of Turkish
  • Desirable: Experience of translating texts/interpreting from English into Turkish and/or Turkish into English on topics covering LGBTI, gender and relevant human rights issues (please provide a list of 3-5 such translations in your proposal and online links if available);
  • Desirable: Experience in LGBTI human rights activism;

As an organisation working for the benefit of the LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia in all its diversity, we value the knowledge and expertise that come with lived experiences of injustice and systemic oppression. We particularly welcome applications from trans, gender non-conforming and non-binary individuals, and those targeted by racism, classism and disablism.

How to apply

Applications should be sent by Monday 10th October 2022 – 23:59 CEST. Interested applicants should provide a:

  1. Cover letter (max. ½ page), including mention of your standard rates (per word or per page for translators; per half day or per day for interpreters).
  2. Current CV or other document listing relevant experiences
  3. (For translators only:

English to Turkish translation: a test translation into Turkish of Text 1a and 1b below this ToR

Turkish to English translation: a test translation into English of Text 2 below this ToR

Applicants interested in applying to both English>Turkish and Turkish>English should submit their translation of both texts.)

  • References: Contact details of one or two persons whom ILGA-Europe can contact for a reference check)

Please mention whether the rates in your offer include Value Added Tax (VAT).

*If the translator/interpreter is not able to issue an invoice with VAT (i.e. is exempt from VAT in the country of operations), ILGA-Europe will be required to pay VAT at a rate of 21% on top of any fees paid to translators/interpreters, in accordance with fiscal legislation in Belgium.

Application and selection process

  • Applications should be sent to boris@ilga-europe.org by 10th October 2022;
  • Assessment will include the motivation letter, CV, and, in the case of translation applications, the test translation(s), so please note that incomplete applications will not be considered;
  • ILGA-Europe may contact applicants for additional information during the selection process;
  • ILGA-Europe will contact applicants selected for inclusion in the database by 31st October 2022.
  • ILGA-Europe will then contact translators and interpreters in the database as and when translation and interpretation work arises.

Please translate the following paragraphs to demonstrate your translation skills (avoid using online translation platforms such as Google translate and others)

Text 1a. Translate the following text from English into Turkish

The Grantee acts as the implementing organisation in relation to the Project and holds ownership of the Project, its outcomes, reporting requirements, and all materials resulting from the Project. Any tangible or intangible property including intellectual property, obtained from third parties or resulting from the Project and its activities belongs to the Grantee. The Grantee is the only party eligible and accountable to represent the Project with third parties. All payments will be made in EUR upon receipt of payment requests by direct deposit of funds in a bank account assigned by the recipient for this reason. The Grantee is hereby advised that no additional funding due to fluctuations on the currency exchange rate or actual costs will be provided. Currency exchange is allowable but only to the extent that funds are available during the time of each payment.

Text 1b. Translate the following text from English into Turkish

There is no LGBTI movement without LGBTI people and communities. Since day one of our work on LGBTI community organising, ILGA-Europe have learnt several key lessons. No matter what strategies are being used – advocacy, documentation, litigation, awareness raising – the LGBTI communities are at the core. The claims of the LGBTI movement are based on LGBTI people’s daily experiences. ILGA-Europe also observe how quickly the conversations we are having with activists move from talking about social gatherings and service provision to discussions about participation, representation, accountability, ownership and transparency of NGOs’ and groups’ work

Text 2. Translate the following text from Turkish into English

Türkiye’de 2021 yılı içerisinde birçok LGBTİ+ fiziksel saldırılara maruz kalırken, insan hakları mekanizmalarına erişimleri sistematik olarak engellenmeye devam edildi. Türkiye’nin 2010’lu yıllarda hayata geçirdiği iki mekanizma, Kamu Baş Denetçiliği ve TİHEK, LGBTİ+’lar açısından herhangi bir işleve sahip değil. Geçtiğimiz yıllarda bir transın otelde ayrımcılığa uğradığı gerekçesiyle TİHEK’e yaptığı başvuru, kurumun “cinsel kimlik” temelli ayrımcılığa ilişkin inceleme yetkisi bulunmadığı öne sürülerek reddedilmişti. Trans başvurucunun TİHEK’e karşı açtığı davada Mahkeme TİHEK’i haklı buldu ve kurumun LGBTİ+’lar bakımından bir mekanizma olmadığı bir yargı kararıyla da saptanmış oldu. TİHEK bugün LGBTİ+’lara karşı homofobi ve transfobi üreten ve bu yöndeki üretimin, insan haklarına aykırı olmadığına ilişkin diğer kamu kurumları açısından referans teşkil eden bir kurum halini aldı.