LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Consultant to support ILGA-Europe’s movement building work on Strategic Communications

Do you have experience with issues such as message framing, message development and campaigning? And do you get excited about winning hearts and minds to achieve social change? Then this consultancy might be something for you!

  • Approximately 50 working days in the period February – September 2020
  • Deadline for applications: 7 January 2020 at 24:00 CET

Strengthening the movement’s capacity to communicate strategically has become one of the core roles for ILGA-Europe. Changing hearts and minds is a critically important element in our work towards full equality and this cannot be done without successful communication work. We actively support our membership in strengthening their capacity in this area.

ILGA-Europe is looking for a consultant to step in and support the membership during the temporary absence of our Senior Campaign and Programmes Officer. The consultant will work hand-in-hand with others in the team in ensuring that this vital work continues.

Do you have experience with issues such as message framing, message development and campaigning? And do you get excited about winning hearts and minds to achieve social change? Then this consultancy might be something for you!

About ILGA-Europe

ILGA-Europe is the European and Central Asia Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Intersex Association. We are a membership-based organisation bringing together over 600+ organisations from 54 European and Central Asian countries, an excellent platform for joint advocacy and movement development and empowerment. As part of its mandate ILGA-Europe both advocates for human rights and equality for LGBTI people in Europe and Central Asia and strengthens the LGBTI movement through its capacity building programme.

Role of the consultant

The consultant will work under the supervision of the Programmes Director and will perform activities in the following areas:


  • Act as a focal point to assess support needs in connection to opportunities and challenges at national and regional levels, specifically in relation to campaigning, mobilisation, message framing and testing and related strategic communications
  • To liaise with ILGA-Europe staff and other relevant actors (LGBTI and human rights organisations, etc.) in the assessment of needs and the implementation of specific activities
  • To prepare budgets, progress reports and financial monitoring information for internal purposes and for funding organisations where and when relevant
  • To ensure that all activities are carried out with full regard to ILGA-Europe’s policies on diversity and equal opportunities

Campaigning and strategic communication

  • To provide support to LGBTI groups at national level in developing campaigning and mobilisation strategies to respond to immediate and urgent needs, in particular in relation to message framing,  message testing and campaign development , including by connecting activists with relevant expertise
  • To develop webinars, workshops, resources and tools to facilitate peer learning and knowledge exchange amongst LGBTI groups in the area of campaigning, strategic communication, message testing
  • To contribute to the dissemination of relevant learning and information in relation to strategic communication among ILGA-Europe membership
  • To document good practices in the field of campaigning and communication, through the collections of materials (e.g. videos, visuals, messages, articles) and interviews with activists


  • To manage a small regranting programme to support selected initiatives by LGBTI groups in accordance with criteria developed by ILGA-Europe
  • To assist grantees with the management and implementation of projects
  • To ensure the continuation of message testing in 2-3 countries in the region in the framework of the project for the development of narratives to respond to the anti-gender discourse


(A final list of output will be agreed upon with the ILGA-Europe staff team at the start of the consultancy, based on a detailed work plan and realistic to the number of working days)

  • 2-3 webinars on topics to be decided together with ILGA-Europe staff
  • Preparation of a regional workshop on campaigning and communications that ILGA-Europe will host in the last quarter of 2020
  • Preparation of 1-2 workshops for ILGA-Europe Annual Conference that will take place in Sofia in October 2020
  • Preparation of tools and materials for the ILGA-Europe resource hub including on the project “New narratives to respond to the anti-gender discourse”
  • Manage up to 3 re-granting projects
  • Coaching of LGBTI activists in agreement with ILGA-Europe staff

Profile of the consultant

We are looking for a consultant with demonstrated experience in human rights communication and in particular in relation to areas of message framing, testing and campaigning. We expect that the consultant has a proven track record in working on social change processes. Experience in working on LGBTI issues is an asset.

For this consultancy it is not required to be positioned in Brussels. We do however expect the consultant to travel to Brussels 3 to 4 times during this consultancy. In this regard ILGA-Europe will cover travel costs within Europe.

The consultancy will start in February to ensure a proper transition of tasks from the Senior Campaign and Programmes Officer to the consultant. It is expected that the consultant takes over tasks from late February until late summer and that the consultancy will end with handing back over responsibilities to the Senior Campaign and Programmes Officer in September.

Collaborative proposals for this consultant will not be considered. To ensure efficient coordination ILGA-Europe will work with one consultant.

Selection process and criteria

Applications should be sent by Wednesday 7 January 2020 at 24:00 CET to Björn van Roozendaal – Programmes Director and Laura Piazza – Senior Campaigns and Programmes Officer, at: &

Please make sure you send your application to both e-mail addresses.

Interested applicants should provide in one PDF document:

  • An application letter that describes the following:
    • Your motivation for this application and your vision on how you plan to work with ILGA-Europe  (2 pages max);
    • Please tell us about you, about your current experience (from consultancies, paid work, internships, studies or volunteer experience) in relation to the following qualifications (in 400 words maximum for each of the following 2 sections):
      1. Your knowledge of achieving social change through communication, where relevant specifically in relation to LGBTI human rights. Please tell us about the work you did; the result you achieved and any lessons learned.
      2. Your experience of working with LGBTI or other human rights organisations at national or European level. Please tell us how your experience is relevant for this consultancy.
  • Please provide an overview of your working experience as it is relevant for this position. This may be in the shape of a Curriculum Vitae, but should include an overview of duties/responsibilities performed.  
  • Two references that are relevant to this application.
  • A financial offer in the form of a lump sum budget of €20.000 - €25.000 inclusive of VAT*, specifying the number of working days (50 working days at minimum).

*) Please note that due to ILGA-Europe’s VAT status in Belgium, if the consultant would not charge VAT on the invoices issued, ILGA-Europe will be obliged to withhold an equivalent of 21% of value added tax from the invoices for the purposes of payment to the Belgian Tax Office. Please specify in your financial offer if you charge VAT, with what rate (ex. 9% or 21%) and whether the VAT amount is included in the rates you propose.

We will notify selected candidates about their selection by Tuesday 14 January. Online interviews will be scheduled on 16 and 17 January and we hope to inform candidates about the outcome of this selection process in the week following. Following this, the selected consultancy will develop a work schedule together with the ILGA-Europe staff. The consultant should be free to travel to Brussels for 3 full working days in the first weeks of February to ensure a sound handover.