LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Consultant: Developer of online resource hub

We are looking for a person who can guide and steer the last phases of the development of the online resource hub (from both a technical and content perspective).

  • Duration of assignment: Flexible (approx. 4 months) with a start date in February 2020
  • Deadline for applications: Thursday 23 January 2020 at 24:00 (CET)


ILGA-Europe is the European and Central Asian Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Intersex Association (ILGA). As a driving force for political, legal and social change, ILGA-Europe are a membership-based organisation bringing together over 600 organisations from 50+ European and Central Asian countries, making it an excellent platform for joint advocacy and movement development. As part of its mandate ILGA-Europe both advocates for human rights and equality for LGBTI people in Europe and Central Asia; and strengthens the LGBTI movement throughout its capacity building programme.

ILGA-Europe is currently working on an innovative digitalization project. As part of our work to support the LGBTI movement, we are in the process of creating an online resource hub that is scheduled to be launched in the early spring of 2020.

The technical basis of the resource hub has been realiseed and will be further finalised in the coming months. Meanwhile, ILGA-Europe will work on developing first blocks of content. Online content development and coordinating a resource hub are new areas of work for the organisation.  ILGA-Europe is now looking for a person who can guide and steer the last phases of the development of the online resource hub (from both a technical and content perspective).

The aim of the resource hub is to make knowledge and good practices which can contribute to building capacity of LGBTI organisations in Europe and Central Asia more widely accessible and available. The hub will bring together existing ILGA-Europe materials and external resources, in different formats (video, documents, best practices, etc.) and on a range of topics (from skills-based knowledge to thematic resources). The resource hub will be a closed and protected environment to which LGBTI organisations and allies will be given access.

Role of the developer

Purpose and responsibilities

  • To coordinate the final phases of development of the resource hub with the ILGA-Europe team
    • The consultant will work with relevant ILGA-Europe staff and assist with planning and coordination of the different tasks involved ahead in launching the platform
    • The consultant will work support two staff members in developing capacities to coordinate the platform in the future (with a focus on the technical management and content management respectively)
  • To guide the final phases of technical development of the resource hub
    • The consultant will work with the ILGA-Europe team and the web developer to conclude the final stages of technical development
  • To support IE staff in the development of content
    • The consultant will work with up to 5 ILGA-Europe staff members to advise them on the development of content in their respective areas of expertise, with a particular focus on building knowledge within the team on how to develop online content for the resource hub.
    • The consultant may be asked to work coordinate work with a videographer to produce introductory videos related to the abovementioned content areas.
  • To develop user policies to underpin how the hub will be managed
    • In consultation with ILGA-Europe staff the consultant will develop user policies (such as moderation guidelines and a contribution /users policy). ILGA-Europe is currently seeking external legal advice to ensure GDPR compliance.

The consultant will work under management of the Programmes Director, who together with two ILGA-Europe staff members, is part of the core team working on this project. At the beginning of the consultancy, the consultant will be expected to prepare a detailed work plan that sets out clear priorities, roles and responsibilities.

Expected output

  • Resource hub ready for launch in May 2020
  • 4 to 5 resource sections are ready by May 2020
  • Sessions to build capacity of ILGA-Europe staff on content development and technical management of the resource hub
  • 12 month work plan for the next year agreed with relevant ILGA-Europe staff
  • User policies as described above

Contract specifications

Profile of the consultant

Considering that regular coordination with ILGA-Europe staff will be part of this consultancy, ILGA-Europe will prioritise candidates based in Belgium. However, strong candidates residing outside of Belgium may also be considered. They will however be required to travel to Brussels frequently.

Candidates should have demonstrated experience in (not limited to):

  • Coordinating the development of online learning tools, both in terms of technical aspects and content
  • Understanding of and experience in social sector work and preferably in social change work
  • Strong coordination skills  

The candidate is given the opportunity to demonstrate this experience across their resume and through submission of relevant portfolios or examples of previous work.


A lump sum budget of €10.000 – € 15.000 will be available for this project, inclusive of VAT. You’re your offer, please provide your daily rate with the VAT rate you pay. Please note that due to ILGA-Europe’s Belgian VAT status, if a provider is not liable for VAT in the country of their operations, ILGA-Europe is required to withhold a VAT amount of 21% from the invoiced sum and submit a payment to the Belgian VAT office. If you are not based in Brussels, please provide an indication of travel costs from/to Belgium per trip.

In order to be considered, all candidates must provide a full budget proposal for the entirety of the project – in line with a draft work plan – within their application materials.


Full proficiency in English is required for coordination with ILGA-Europe’s offices.

Application process

In order to exemplify the requirements listed for this position, all applying candidates must submit the following documents in their application:

  1. A CV/resume for the applying candidate;
  2. A portfolio demonstrating the candidate’s previous work  (projects demonstrating the candidate’s skills across web development, in particular on Drupal platforms);
  3. Contact details of at least one relevant referee (ideally a previous client);
  4. Tentative working plan, including timelines for planning, and a budget outline proposing an inclusive cost for all consolidated services (given the requirements of these terms of reference). Please indicate item costs as well as their foreseen recurrence (i.a. hourly, monthly, quarterly or one-time fees for specific services).

Applicants should submit all required documents no later than 24:00 (CET) on Thursday 23 January 2020. Successful candidates will be invited for an online interview in the week following. The consultancy is expected to start late February.  

Please kindly be aware that this call is a competitive process, where each candidate’s bid will be assessed against objectives set out in this Terms of Reference, taking into consideration the budget specification and tentative work plan. All services required to complete the deliverables of this project are included within the complete price proposed by the applicant.

Please return your completed application to:

Björn van Roozendaal
Programmes Director