LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Expert in web-based conferences / events on human rights 

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We are looking for a consultant or team of consultants with an expertise in web-based conferences / events on human rights.

Deadline for applications: Sunday 7 June 2020 23.59 CEST

We are looking for a consultants or team of consultants who:

  • Have a proven track-record in organizing large scale online meetings 
  • Have experience working with online platforms that host larger events 
  • Have a track-record in working on human rights and/or with marginalized and underrepresented communities 
  • Have a good understanding of what it means to build inclusive and participatory spaces online
  • Have proven experience in managing multi-stakeholder processes, guide decision making and the ability to navigate disagreement 
  • Have the ability to work independently while retaining a good flow of information
  • Have a strong ability to apply working principles in practice 

ILGA-Europe overview

ILGA-Europe is the European and Central Asian Region of the International Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans and Intersex organisation ILGA. ILGA-Europe is a membership-based organisation bringing together 600+ organisations from 54 European and Central Asian countries, making it an excellent platform for joint advocacy and movement development. As part of its mandate, ILGA-Europe advocates for human rights and equality for LGBTI people in Europe and Central Asia and support the strengthening of the LGBTI movement through convening, capacity building and regranting. 


Each year in October ILGA-Europe brings together around 600 LGBTI activists and allies during its Annual Conference. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, ILGA-Europe has cancelled its 2020 conference and is now looking to organize an alternative convening online. This gathering, with its specific format and shape to yet be developed, will aim at bringing the movement together and advancing some of the discussions key to LGBTI activism. Whilst normal conferences easily include 70+ different spaces, it is clear to the team that we will need to create a more limited and prioritized space to address some of the diverse needs of the movement to an adequate extent. Contrary to the regular conference, ILGA-Europe may decide to organize a series of online events over a couple of weeks. While in-person conferences have numerous functions, including agenda-setting, capacity building, empowerment, networking, knowledge-sharing, etc. it is clear to ILGA-Europe that an online event cannot reach the same outcomes as regular conferences and that the number of functions will need to be reduced. Nonetheless, ILGA-Europe Conferences hold an important place in the LGBTI calendar of LGBTI activists in the region, so we are seeking to create a meaningful online opportunity to engage activists from the region and create impact for the movement, albeit in a very different format. ILGA-Europe already has started a process to develop a purpose statement for its online event and to analyze what technological solutions are on the market, but would like to involve the consultant/s in concluding this process.  

Whilst the ILGA-Europe team has started to strengthen its own capacities to organize online events, we lack the experience of what it is to organize a large-scale online gathering, possibly encompassing different formats of spaces and meetings. It is for this reason that we are looking for a consultant or team of consultants that can guide us through this process in the coming months. 

The event is scheduled to take place in the second half of October 2020. ILGA-Europe might organize smaller online events in the weeks leading up to this. 

What we are looking for 

We are looking for a consultant or small team of consultants expected to work with us on a variety of tasks to help ensure that an online event this October will come to a successful fruition. The consultant will work with the Management Team and the Conference Core Team (made up out of staff members) to produce this event and will be supervised by the Programmes Director. 


  • Work with the Management Team to develop the concept of a web-based conference for activists;
  • Advice the Conference Core Team on technological solutions, structure, flow and content development ;
  • Advice on development of a project plan and implement this plan in cooperation with the Management Team and the Conference Core Team; 
  • Guide team in its decision making; 
  • Timely signal issues that might come up and proactively identify solutions.


  • Support the finalization of a clear purpose statement for the online event that is needs-based and realistic vis-à-vis our organizational capacity and technological solutions;
  • Finalize a project plan and support ILGA-Europe in developing a clear division of responsibilities within the team, both for the period leading up to the event as well as for the actual running of the event; 
  • The development of a clear structure for what the online convening(s) can look like that includes different online programmatic meeting modalities to channel a range of conversations and themes and a clear flow/process plan which –hand-in-hand with the structure - helps to bring different conversations together and produce a ‘big picture outcome’ towards the end of the conference;
  • Develop concise decision making documents in preparation of meetings to guarantee an efficient organizing process. 
  • Support ILGA-Europe in the development of the event programme by advising the team on a way to organize the programme and advising on the facilitation of different programme elements;
  • Support ILGA-Europe in the selection of an online platform that serves its needs and suits ILGA-Europe’s financial capacity; 
  • Support ILGA-Europe in its thinking on what event participation means in the context of an online event, especially taking into account accessibility and security.
  • Work with the ILGA-Europe team and potential external facilitators to ensure a smooth running of the online event(s)

Across all areas of work, we will require the consultant to embed thinking to ensure that the online spaces we will offer are as inclusive and safe as possible – these will be guiding principles throughout the event. 

Role of ILGA-Europe / the conference core team

  • Final decision making in relation to the purpose statement
  • All external event related communication 
  • Registration of participants
  • Development of content for the programme, implementation of the programme  
  • Selection and invitation of speakers
  • Running of the digital event spaces 
  • Selection of external facilitators 
  • Evaluation of the activity 
  • Project administrative work

Application and selection process

  • Applications including (1) a cover letter detailing motivation and suggested approach (two pages) together with (2) CVs of the consultant(s) and (3) a budget stating an expected number of working days and daily fee (net + VAT rate which the applicants would apply to this contract) should be send to Bjorn van Roozendaal, Programmes Director at by 7 June at 23.59 CEST. 
  • ILGA-Europe may interview applicants as part of the selection process
  • ILGA-Europe intends to make a final decision by mid-June. 
  • The work will commence soon after the selection 

Proposals will be assessed against suitability vis-à-vis the criteria set out in this proposal and upon budget competitiveness. Negotiations may be part of the contracting phase.