LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Strategic communications needs assessment consultant

Strategic communications needs assessment consultant

ILGA-Europe are looking for a consultant or team of consultants –with extensive experience in Strategic Communications- to assess the needs of the LGBTI movement in Europe and in Central Asia in relation to Strategic Communications.

  • Applications should be sent by 27 July 2019 at 24:00 CEST.

For the European LGBTI movement, the question of how to effectively communicate to reach hearts and minds of people, advocate with policy makers, build alliances, and organising with LGBTI communities has increasingly moved to the very centre of our work.

In order to be successful, LGBTI movements need to trigger change across many different levels: at personal levels, at political levels, in the media and in different professional or cultural environments. All of these layers together can produce social, legal and political change that lasts, and all of it requires effective communication. LGBTI organisations and groups write policy papers, press releases and articles, are visible in the social media, engage in public speaking and in meaningful one-to-one conversations capable of opening dialogue with individuals and groups that are of strategic relevance to the work done.

ILGA-Europe have stepped up work to build our collective capacity to be more strategic and effective in how and what we communicate. In 2014, we thus started to build the capacity of the organisation and of the movement in cooperation with the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC). Outcomes of this work are the Framing Equality Toolkit and the How to test your communications guide. Since 2015 ILGA-Europe have also been implementing the programme Creating Opportunities, an instrument to support the European LGBTI movement’s campaign and mobilisation activities, when significant threats or opportunities arises. Similarly, there are several donors that are committed to supporting the strengthening of communications capacities of the LGBTI movement in the region and who seek to improve their own effectiveness in funding.

Building on the work done, we want to take the time to reflect and to further assess the needs of the LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia in the field of communications. The results of the needs assessment will inform ILGA-Europe’s capacity building work and donor funding strategies in the coming years.

How to apply?

  • Full details on the scope of the consultancy and on how to apply are available here.

  • Applications should be sent by 27 July 2019 at 24:00 CEST.

  • Return your application to Laura Piazza, Senior Campaign & Programmes Officer with an email at