LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Rainbow Europe Map and Country Index, 2010

The Rainbow Europe Map, originally launched in July 2009, now contains a Country Index.

Updated in May 2010.

The map reflects European countries’ legislation which protects the human rights of and ensures equality for LGB people as well as laws and practices which discriminate against and violates the human rights of LGB people.

The Rainbow Europe Country Index rates each European country on its legislation affecting the human rights of LGB people. The Rainbow Index is based on the legislation and practices reflected in our Rainbow Europe map.

The rating places a country on a scale between 10 (maximal positive score) and -4 (minimal negative score) and is an average of possible positive and negative points.

Positive points are awarded to a country which has

  • legislation protecting from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation,
  • recognising same-sex partnership,
  • parenting rights of same-sex partners,
  • recognising homophobia in hate speech/crime legislation.

The negative points are awarded to the countries which

  • have law banning same-sex sexual acts
  • have unequal age of consent
  • violated the rights of LGB people to peaceful assembly and freedom of association. 

The Map and Index do not reflect the situation for trans and intersex people in Europe. ILGA-Europe is working with Transgender Europe on identifying the categories and data collection which will enable to have such an overview. We expect to produce such map and index on trans and intersex issue in 2011.