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ILGA-Europe statement on the proposed anti-LGBTI amendments by the Hungarian parliament.

11 June 2021

On May 29, Zhanar and Gulzada were violently attacked by a group of 30 men in Shymkent city in the south of Kazakhstan as they were trying to organise an event on women’s rights for a group of loca

2 June 2021

The Court found a violation of Article 8 (right to private and family life) and 11 (freedom of association and assembly) together with Article 14 (prohibition of discrimination).  

1 June 2021

The survey is aimed at LGBTI organisations in Europe and Central Asia, both formal and informal, who can share information

24 May 2021
Rainbow Europe Map 2021

The 2021 Rainbow Europe Map reveals widespread and almost complete stagnation on human rights of LGBTI people.

17 May 2021

A survey of 71 organisations across 32 European countries finds that over 60% have worked with LGBTIQ youth experiencing homelessness, while homeless services lack the skills and competencies to provide safe and welcoming spaces for LGBTI people.

28 April 2021

At ILGA-Europe, we believe that now is a crucial time to stay united, re-claim agency and pro-actively address growing anti-LGBTI and anti-gender rhetoric and state-led anti-LGBTI attacks.

19 April 2021

Bulgaria’s lack of recognition for same-sex parented families cannot justify a violation of EU freedom of movement law

16 April 2021

The Hub is an easily accessible online platform for LGBTI activists in Europe and Central Asia.

9 April 2021
Communicating for Change: a communications needs assessment of the LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia

Communication is at the heart of some of the biggest successes of the LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia.

24 March 2021

The Hungarian Constitutional Court has annulled the provision of the Registry Procedure Act introduced by Section 33, which contained that the new rules prohibiting legal gender recognition shall also be applied to ongoing proceedings. 

12 March 2021

In response to the proliferation of over 100 so-called ‘LGBT-Free zones’ in Polish municipalities, the European Parliament today is debating a resolution declaring the EU an LGBTIQ Freedom Zone. It’s a strong symbolic gesture, but clear action needs to follow to make this a lived reality, according to ILGA-Europe.

10 March 2021

Almost three years after the European Court ruled that Romania must recognise a same-sex couple under EU freedom of movement legislation, its government is yet to implement the judgement.

9 March 2021

As such, ILGA-Europe has always been and will always be firmly committed to working to achieve gender equality, women’s rights, and sexual and reproductive rights.

8 March 2021

We, ILGA-Europe and the undersigned human rights organisations, call on the President and government of Uzbekistan, member of the UN Human Rights Council, to decriminalise same-sex conduct between men under the ongoing review of the Criminal Code, with a view to ensuring conformity with the recommendations of the UN treaty bodies.

5 March 2021

ILGA-Europe alongside ERA, have published their documentation of developments in each EU accession country during 2020.

22 February 2021

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child found that Finland failed to consider the best interests of the child of a lesbian couple when rejecting his asylum request, and to protect him against a

17 February 2021

After an extraordinary year, Europe has been awoken to the acute fragility of the human rights situation for LGBTI people across the region, says ILGA-Europe.

16 February 2021

You can easily schedule your message on Twitter now, so that it appears on Feb 11 between 9am and 10am CET.

8 February 2021
Turkish flag

ILGA-Europe are alarmed to observe that in the past week the Turkish government has stepped up its systematic attacks on and defamation of LGBTI+ people.

5 February 2021