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‘Allies in Action’ small fund is open for proposals: last call for 2017

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‘Allies in Action’ is a small fund by COC Netherlands and ILGA-Europe. The fund was created to support LGBTI communities and their allies in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine. This is the last call in 2017 and it will close on Wednesday 19 April 2017. Please review the below information carefully before deciding to apply.


Purpose and scope of the ‘Allies in Action’ fund

‘Allies in Action’ is dedicated to enabling more people and collectives to combat discrimination within their immediate environments. We established ‘Allies in Action’ because we believe that for social change towards equality and acceptance of diversity to happen, we need to:

  • have a broad support network for LGBTI persons,
  • enable voices and expertise of non-activist allies in different settings, and
  • activate and develop meaningful ties between activist and non-activist communities.

Allies in Action’ supports impactful, creative, and genuine initiatives by local LGBTI communities and their allies that will unlock the power of person-to-person contacts and will enable committed individuals and collectives outside of LGBTI movements to become multipliers within their circles. While focusing on the engagement of those who are not part of LGBTI and human rights movements, we want to enable participation of those who are well-placed to have a positive impact on the everyday life experiences of L, G, B, T, or I persons, as well as on the understanding of SOGIESC and diversity. Our geography includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine.

We have previously supported very diverse initiatives and projec ts in terms of goals, target audiences, and organisational identities. Partners to the program have been working towards greater understanding of issues pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity and towards proactive involvement of allies

among: family of LGBTI, youth/ students, medical professionals and psychologists, journalists/ media, art institutions, and many more;

by means of: art and exhibitions, awareness-raising video/film, online media projects, sensitising trainings, thematic publications/ research and their dissemination, etc.

What is important for ‘Allies in Action’ when awarding initiatives: strong links with local opportunities and barriers, creativity and innovation in approach, and a clear path toward ensuring that new allies take action to combat discrimination.

Please be sure to review the below criteria and check whether your project and ‘Allies in Action’ are a good match.

‘Allies in Action’ criteria for support

We only support initiatives that:

  • Are led by LGBTI persons and/ or allies of LGBTI (both registered NGOs and non-registered collectives can apply);
  • Are implemented in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, or Ukraine;
  • Are focused on a specific, carefully selected audience/ target group outside of LGBTI movement and serve to engage, inspire, mobilise individuals and collectives that are in a position to impact everyday realities of LGBTI persons, advocacy capacity of LGBTI organisations, and/ or proper understanding of issues pertaining SOGISC;
  • Will be implemented in the period between June and November 2017;
  • Demonstrate a clear vision of how this action contributes to a bigger change you want to achieve;
  • Are concrete and scalable (i.e. with balanced, matching goals and actions);
  • Are endorsed by LGBTI organisations (if proposed by an informal group of allies or activists);
  • Require funding from ‘Allies in Action’ of no more than 5,000 euros (if your initiative will be additionally funded by someone else, then the total combined budget should not exceed 12,000 euros);
  • Value feedback and are interested in the opportunity of engaging external expertise, and therefore commit to regular communication with us in the course of application, implementation, and reporting.

We prefer:

  • Initiatives that feed into, reinforce, and/ or diversify other ongoing efforts towards better environment for LGBTI persons and protection of their rights (by you or other organisations/groups)
  • Genuine and innovative approach to action that is strongly rooted in local realities, with their limitations, opportunities, and existing relations
  • Willingness to share experience with colleagues and activists across the above-indicated countries and beyond.

We do not support:

  • Initiatives proposing direct support and/or services to the LGBTI communities
  • Initiatives aimed at the anonymous, faceless ‘general public’ or ‘broader audience’, without a clear vision of the specific people (or their groups/ communities) that you want to approach or work with and why you think it is needed
  • Continuation of regular, ongoing activities
  • Structural costs, such as ongoing office rental or salaries (please note that honorariums/ one-off fees needed within your specific action can be supported if scalable)
  • Initiatives proposed and managed through external third-party organisations (unless it is a joint action by your group and a local LGBTI organisation). We want to cooperate directly with the groups we support, without an additional layer in-between.

We commit to:

  • Supporting you in planning, implementation, and reporting if you are selected for award
  • Ensuring that both application and reporting processes are not too heavy, while turning them into our joint learning experience
  • Connecting you with other individuals, groups, organisations, processes, and materials that you might find interesting and helpful in your work, or where your expertise or experience will benefit others.

Application process

Proposals are accepted until Wednesday, 19 April 2017 (12.00 am CET) at ILGA-Europe and COC Netherlands. Final decisions will be announced in the last week of May.

Please use our application template to submit your proposal. After sending the proposal, you might be asked to provide additional information. Please be prepared to answer follow-up questions within a week.

Successful initiatives are expected to receive funds and to be launched in June and be completed by November (including reporting).

Feel free to reach out to us at ILGA-Europe and COC Netherlands should you have any questions.