LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

December 2017

Vacancies at ILGA-Europe, marriage equality, human rights, migration, Trans Legal Mapping Report...


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No. 268. December 2017. In this issue...




Equality and non-discrimination

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Join the ILGA-Europe team

ILGA-Europe are recruiting for three roles in the staff team in Brussels. Programmes Officer - Central Asia (closing date 10 January), Finance Director (closing date 15 January), and Grants & Financial Officer (closing date 22 January). Read more

Rainbow Europe Researcher

ILGA-Europe is seeking an experienced and knowledgeable Researcher to undertake systematic and detailed analysis of the data we have gathered over the last year, and use this to calculate each country’s score on the Rainbow Europe map. This is a short-term consultancy contract, closing date 5 January. Read more

New guide: How to Test your Communications

ILGA-Europe and PIRC developed this practical guide after working on the Framing Equality Toolkit because we realised that some campaigners have a blind spot around testing. When we communicate we usually have a good idea of what we want to say and the change we want to make. But how do we know it’s going to work? That’s where testing comes in. Read more

Fundraising Webinars

Together with the Global Philanthropy Project, ILGA-Europe is hosting three webinars on different aspects of fundraising. All three take place in January and registration for LGBTI community organisations and activists is open now. Read more


'Detentions end but pressure on LGBT community continues'

A report on - which just missed last month's Rainbow Digest - contains testimony from victims and victims' families on the ongoing abuses being faced by the LGBT community in Azerbaijan. Read more


European Court condemns Italy for failing to protect married couples

In the Orlandi and Others v Italy decision earlier this month, the European Court of Human Rights has condemned Italy for failing to legally protect same-sex couples who married abroad. This judgment reaffirmed that Council of Europe member states have an obligation to safeguard the family life of same-sex couples. Read more

Equal marriage in Northern Ireland to go to Court of Appeal

Two couples who were the first in the UK to have a civil partnership 12 years ago are taking a case to the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal in an attempt to overturn the ban on equal marriage. Read more

Austrian court overturns barriers to equal marriage

The 14 judges of the Constitutional Court ruled that marriage should be open to same-sex couples and also that different-sex couples should have the option of availing of registered partnerships. The Court concluded that “…the legal separation of gender and same-sex relationships into two different legal institutions thus violates the principle of equality." Read more

Equality and non-discrimination

'Rainbow Rights' seminar in Lithuania

Representatives of ILGA-Europe, LGL, Seta, and local and regional authorities met in Vilnius for a seminar to share information about the recent developments around LGBTI rights and policies in four Member states, namely: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Read more

European Parliament adopts report on human rights

The European Parliament has adopted the Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2016. It included a call to EU institutions and bodies to continue efforts to promote and protect the human rights of LGBTI people. The first article of the report recognises and expresses concern about “the pushback against democracy, human rights and the rule of law, which continue to be under threat worldwide.” Furthermore, this pushback is specifically recognised in relation to the human rights of LGBTI people. Read more

NGOs call for human rights-based approach to EU migration

Ahead of an EU Council meeting in Brussels, ILGA-Europe joined with more than 30 NGOs including Oxfam and Save the Children in calling on EU leaders to adopt asylum and migration policies based on a human rights framework. Read more

Russian activists meet with Transgender Legal Defence Project

TLDP met with activists from a number of regions of Russia in St Petersburg to discuss cooperation in the light of current events (such as Ministry of Health developing a new medical certificate for legal gender recognition) and receive feedback about their work from regional activists. Read more

ILGA publish Trans Legal Mapping Report

Launched during the 7th ILGA Asia conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and now in its second edition, ILGA’s Trans Legal Mapping Report is a worldwide compilation of laws and processes for trans and gender-diverse people to change their sex/gender markers and names on official identity documents. Read more

Notice board

Vacancy at RFSL: Advocacy Programme Manager

RFSL are recruiting an Advocacy Program Manager for their work in Eastern Europe. The Advocacy Program Manager will be part of the International Unit, based in Stockholmm and responsible for coordinating the joint advocacy activities within the program Eastern Coalition for LGBT Equality and assist the Coalition to engage effectively with international mechanisms. Read more