LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

May 2018


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No. 272. May 2018. In this issue...


Funding and Resources for LGBTI Activism




Equality and non-discrimination

Freedom of assembly

Hate crime

Legal Gender Recognition

Notice board



Help us shape the programme of the Annual Conference 2018 in Brussels

Want to contribute to the creation of the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference 2018 programme? Are there topics you would like us to discuss? Would you like to be part of the programme? ILGA-Europe invite you to propose a workshop, consultation, recommend research and project presentations, or suggest another, more informal, programme contribution. Help us shape the programme of this year’s conference in Brussels with the theme ‘Politics for Change: from Words into Action!’
Send us your proposals before Tuesday 5 June.

Apply for scholarships to the Annual Conference 2018

Are you an activist for the LGBTI community and want to represent your organisation at the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference 2018? Be a voice for your organisation and apply for our scholarship programme. Your application needs to reach us before 5 June – looking forward to hearing from you!
Apply and read more about the scholarship programme.

Donate for the Diversity Fund

Thank you to Sarajevo Open Centre for making a generous donation to the Diversity Fund this month. Their support means an activist with fewer opportunities can attend ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference. Could you or your organisation do the same? Organise a fundraiser or collection and raise the cost of bringing an activist to Brussels this October.
Donate to the Diversity Fund.

Members Only: Your voice is key to the process of governance updates

As member organisation, we need you to tell us how you would like ILGA-Europe to be governed, so that we can continue be an effective, representative organisation for LGBTI people across Europe and Central Asia. The board launched an online consultation on the proposed changes, which will be available to the members until 7 June. Please check your organisational e-mails for the invitation to an online consultation and the webinars on particular changes. If you have any queries, please contact the chairs at

ILGA-Europe strategic communications webinar series: REGISTER NOW!

ILGA-Europe will host the third online panel discussion of the strategic communications series on 29 June 2018 from 11.00 to 12.30 CEST. The webinar will focus on tools for audience research and message testing. We will discuss different methodologies for message testing and hear from experts and activists’ direct experience on the use of testing for campaigning purposes.
Register for the webinar on 29 June.
Check our website to know about ILGA-Europe’s work on strategic communication and our most recent publications.

Funding and resources for LGBTI activism

Creating Opportunities new granting opportunities for message testing

Creating Opportunities now provides dedicated financial and strategic support for audience research and message testing (surveys, focus groups, deep interviews, etc.) for campaigns organised by LGBTI organisations and groups in Europe and Central Asia. Check out Creating Opportunities webpage for additional information and contact ILGA-Europe Senior Campaign and Programmes Officer Laura Piazza if you wish to apply.
Read more here.  

Register for the webinars on Funding for LGBTI Activism in Europe and Central Asia

ILGA-Europe invite LGBTI activists to the upcoming webinars on the Funding for LGBTI Activism in Europe and Central Asia – Priorities and Access to Resources. The first webinar “Community Organising – Why is it a Priority?” will be hold on Monday 4 June at 16.00 CEST; the second one “Fighting opposition – what does it entail?” on Thursday 7 June at 16.00 CEST.
Read more about the webinars.
Register for the webinar “Community Organising – Why is it a Priority?”
Register for the webinar “Fighting opposition – what does it entail?”

Make sure to get your ticket for the European Equality Gala 2018

Do you have your ticket to the European Equality Gala yet? Book now to attend the party of the season on 27 June at Bozar, Brussels. A new exciting venue, fantastic entertainment, charity auction, plenty of bubbly. And, even better, your support goes towards funding the work of ILGA-Europe, allowing us to continue advocating for the rights of LGBTI people and strengthening the movement across Europe and Central Asia.
Read more about the Gala and get your tickets.


Rainbow Europe 2018: a wake-up call for anyone who cares about LGBTI equality

On 14 May, ILGA-Europe launched our benchmarking tool – Rainbow Europe 2018 - at the annual Forum in Lisbon to mark IDAHOBIT. Stagnation on LGBTI equality is a worrying picture considering the current political climate of rising levels of populism, nationalism and civil society scapegoating, which have a particularly high negative impact on more vulnerable groups, like LGBTI people. The Rainbow Map and Index (which highlight the legal and policy situation for LGBTI people in Europe), plus recommendations for policymakers, are available at
Read the full press release following the launch.

A busy IDAHOBIT week in Brussels!

The Rainbow colours were certainly seen around many European buildings this year, and the ILGA-Europe team actively took part to the rapidly growing number of events organised in the EU quarter in Brussels. We spoke at numerous events, including the European Union Commission, European Parliament, European Committee of the Regions, and European Economic and Social Committee, discussing LGBTI asylum seekers, the importance of Pride events, HIV and sexual health, rainbow families, and much more. ILGA-Europe also met with European Commissioner Věra Jourová and EC Vice-President Frans Timmermans to discuss how to keep momentum of the work on LGBTI rights in the EU Commission over the next year.

TGEU launched Trans Rights Europe Map & Index 2018

During the week of IDAHOBIT, TGEU (Transgender Europe) published the 2018 edition of the Trans Rights Europe Map & Index which reflects the requirement for a mental health diagnosis in gender recognition procedures in Europe and detailed country information in 25 legal categories. According to the 2018 findings, 34 countries in Europe require a mental health diagnosis before adapting identity documents and 14 countries require sterility in legal gender recognition.
Check out the map and index.

IGLYO’s new resource - LGBTQI Inclusive Education Index & Report

Another important resource for LGBTI rights in IDAHOBIT week came from IGLYO – The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Intersex (LGBTQI) Youth and Student Organisation, with the first edition of the LGBTQI Inclusive Education Index and Report. These much-needed resources provide a comprehensive account of LGBTQI inclusion within state schools in each Council of Europe Member State (and Belarus and Kosovo).
Check out the map and report.

ILGA’s campaign: #TurnItOff

IDAHOBIT 2018 - what did I miss?



Hearing at the European Parliament: 'Persecution of LGBTI persons in Chechnya'



LGL’s Survey: 90% of LGBT* Students Plan to Leave Lithuania

Equality and non-discrimination

Joint statement on the deletion of equality principle from the EC proposal of CPR

Nine civil society organisations - including ILGA-Europe - have written to the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and the European Parliament on the deletion of the equality principle from the European Commission draft proposal of the Common Provisions Regulation and the exclusion of the references to accessibility for persons with disabilities in the draft European Social Fund+ regulation.
Read the full statement.

Freedom of assembly

Moldova Pride took place peacefully with the theme “No Fear”

Moldova Pride took place in the city of Chișinău on Saturday 19 May. The March is named “No Fear” (Fără Frică) and took place fully and peacefully in spite of far-right counter groups protests. The activists from GenderDoc-M reported positively; for the first time since three years the marchers reached the final point. Congratulations GENDERDOC-M and all participants!

From the ILGA-Europe Blog this month: ‘Tell us your Pride story during 2018 Pride season!’

This summer, ILGA-Europe will bring you a series of blogs, showing the diversity of Prides throughout Europe. If you have a Pride story to share, if there’s a burning issue on your mind this Pride season as an organiser, or if you have attended a memorable Pride and want to write about it, ILGA-Europe are accepting blog submissions.
Read more here.

IlGA-Europe was in Brussels Pride and Tirana P(ride)

ILGA-Europe team was thrilled to be present at two important events during IDAHOBIT week. We attended the 7th Tirana Gay P(ride) in Albania and the Brussels Pride in Belgium. 7th Tirana Gay P(ride) was held with lots of fun and excitement on 13 May in the Albanian capital city of Tirana. There was no disruption and the attendance was higher than previous years which is especially important due to a recent hateful backlash on the event. And ILGA-Europe staff members walked in the Brussels Pride on 19 May!
See Pride Event Calendar for pride events around Europe.

Hate crime

Greater legal protection for trans people on the way in Sweden

The Swedish parliament declared their support for greater legal protection for trans people on 16 May. There are two distinct legal processes going on, in relation to hate crime and hate speech laws respectively: Swedish MPs voted in favour of adding the ground of ‘transgender identity and expression’ to the existing list of protected grounds in the current 2010 legislation. On the same day, MPs also took the first step required to add the transgender identity and expression ground to hate speech laws.
Read more.


Legal Gender Recognition

Portugal can still be legislative innovators on LGBTI equality – don’t stop now!

On 9 May, Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa announced that he was vetoing the ground-breaking law passed by parliament on 13 April. The veto appears to centre on the legal gender recognition process for minors, with the president suggesting that minors should have to obtain a medical opinion in order to change their gender marker. ILGA-Europe, TGEU, and OII Europe echo the call of the trans community in Portugal by reminding the President that equality for a few is not true equality.
Read more about the veto and the law proposal.


Notice board

ILGA’s two job vacancies

ILGA has announced a full-time in-house position on research and a short term consultancy for ILGA’s new visual identity. The Senior Research Officer will head-up their research work, specifically State-Sponsored Homophobia Report and the ILGA-RIWI Global Attitudes Survey; and the deadline to apply is 11 June. They are also seeking to procure the services of a consultant to develop and produce a new visual identity for the organisation because ILGA will turn 40 years old in 2018. Deadline for the position is 24 June.
Apply for the jobs at ILGA.

Registrations open for the 7th European Transgender Council

Transgender Europe – TGEU is inviting trans activists in Europe and Central Asia to their 7th European Transgender Council, which will take place in Antwerp, Belgium from 28 June to 1 July 2018. This year, TGEU are bringing the trans community together for a full conference programme, as well as a General Assembly where TGEU members elect the new Steering Committee, auditors, give input on decisions and elect the 2020 Council host. Make sure to register by 11 June.
Read more about the Council.

Funding Opportunity for EU member and EFTA countries

Is your organisation working in a country where the space for civil society is shrinking? The newly established fund Civitates has announced its first call focused on encouraging civil society organisations from EU member states and EFTA countries to come together and create national coalitions to address issues related to the shrinking space for civil society in their country. Deadline for applications is 15 June.
Read more about the fund.

European Court of Justice looking for Dutch and German Lawyer-linguists

Are you qualified in Austrian, Belgian, Dutch or German law? Then you can apply for this lawyer-linguists position to join the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. You must be an EU citizen with a university degree in Austrian, Belgian (from a Dutch speaking university), Dutch or German law and a perfect command of either Dutch or German. Additionally, you must have a good command of two other EU languages, one of which must be French. Don’t miss the deadline on 19 June.
Apply for the position.