LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Projects, guidance and best practices

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La Santé gaie

Website of a community based research on the health of gay men.

by Dialogai

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Manual on provision of medical and social care for transgender,  transsexual and gender nonconforming people

For medical professionals of all levels of the Kyrgyz republic healthcare system and other institutions.

By Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Healthcare, Republican Center of Mental Health, City Endocrinology Dispensary and
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.

January 2017

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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data Collection Update: U.S. Government Takes Steps to Promote Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data Collection Through Meaningful Use Guidelines

By Sean Cahill, PhD, and Harvey J. Makadon, MD. 2014

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Training Health Care and Social Welfare/Protection Professionals

The Council of Europe organised in March 2013, in the framework of its LGBT project a seminar on training healthcare and social welfare practitioners on LGBT issues.
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Pink Competency: Equality in health care

Pink Competency (Rosa Kompetanse in Norwegian) is a national collaboration between the Norwegian directorate for health and LLH, the Norwegian LGBT organisation.

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Five things you need to know: A Pilot Training Programme for Health and Social Care Professionals providing Palliative and Oncological Care to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Patients

By Dr. Finn Reygan Dr. Paul D’Alton, Department of Psycho-oncology, St. Vincent’s University Hospital. 2012

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Tool kit: Pride in Practice

Tool kit created by NHS (National Health Service in United Kingdom) and Lesbian and Gay Foundation for awareness raising of LGB health related issues for General Practitioners.

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Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Callers: An Introduction for Samaritans Volunteers

By Samaritans Ireland and GLEN, 2010

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LGBT Health: Towards Meeting the Health Care Needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People


A report of the HSE (Irish national health service) on LGBT Health Care Needs, 2010

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Promoting LGBT health and wellbeing through inclusive policy development

By Nick J Mulé, Lori E Ross, Barry Deeprose, Beth E Jackson, Andrea Daley, Anna Travers and Dick Moore. Published in International Journal for Equity in Health 2009, 8:18, May 2009

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Not 'just' a friend

Best practice guidance on health care for lesbian, gay and bisexual service users and their families.

By Royal College of Nursing & UNISON, 2003

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Role play: how to address the needs of a bisexual patient


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