LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Central Asia

Joint statement: Unique opportunity for Uzbekistan to decriminalise same-sex conduct

We, ILGA-Europe and the undersigned human rights organisations, call on the President and government of Uzbekistan, member of the UN Human Rights Council, to decriminalise same-sex conduct between men under the ongoing review of the Criminal Code, with a view to ensuring conformity with the recommendations of the UN treaty bodies.

‘I know the best what my identity is about’. What bi people from Kyrgyzstan say about themselves?

Hi everyone! My name is Temir, I work at LGBTIQ organization Kyrgyz Indigo, based in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. Here I share the opinions of five bisexual people on their identity and experience.

This blog post is made up of diverse and sometimes even contradictory points. However, every opinion has a right to be heard. The following interviews include the personal thoughts, reflections, and ideas of bisexual people from Kyrgyzstan.

“I have heard powerful stories…” – the I am Here for You project

Farkhad Musazov, Partnership specialist, Kyrgyz Indigo, Kyrgyzstan.

“I am Here for You”supported by Creating Opportunities programme, is the project that helps to share stories of LGBT acceptance within their own siblings. These are all life stories about acceptance, love, support and the overcoming of difficulties together.