LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

ILGA-Europe's feedback and media statements on Enlargement strategy and Progress Reports from the European Commission

ILGA-Europe has in partnership with national organisations provided the European Commission with feedback on the Commission’s progress reports.

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Joint statement: Latest EU enlargement reports will be litmus test for accession countries

Fundamental rights and protections for LGBTI people in the Western Balkans and Turkey were put under the microscope by the European Commission in their latest enlargement annual reports. 


Extensive coverage of LGBTI issues in the 2014 progress reports and EU Enlargement Strategy

The European Commission has launched its yearly progress reports on the candidate countries to the European Union. As in previous year, the Commission has extensively covered LGBTI rights in its progress reports and made vigorous demands to the countries in the Strategy. ILGA-Europe is content that the European Commission is consistently taking onboard LGBTI issues within the EU Enlargement process.


ILGA-Europe welcomes European Commission’s strong emphasis on LGBTI issues in accession progress reports

ILGA-Europe’s statement regarding the European Commission’s 2013 Enlargement Strategy.


Statement on the European Commission’s Progress Reports 2012 on EU candidate countries

ILGA-Europe: “The European Commission needs to continue monitoring and including assessment of respect of the human righ ts of LGBT people in its annual Progress Reports and to provide technical and financial assistance for reforms in the area of human rights and non-discrimination particularly for strengthening civil society and equality bodies.”


ILGA-Europes Feedback on the European Commissions 2011 Progress Reports


ILGA-Europe's feedback on the European Commission's 2010 Progress Reports


ILGA-Europe feedback on the European Commission’s 2009 Progress Reports


ILGA-Europe feedback on the European Commission’s 2008 Progress Reports

ILGA-Europe in partnership with national organisations provided the European Commission with detailed documentation on human rights violations against LGBT people in all candidate and potential candidate countries throughout the year and gave feedback on the Commission’s progress reports in November 2008.