LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is deeply integrated in ILGA-Europe’s work as ILGA-Europe intend to be a ‘learning organisation’. Monitoring and evaluation helps us understand how we can work better, be more effective and create change efficiently The organisation understands monitoring and evaluation as an ongoing process that helps us to improve our work.

ILGA-Europe constantly monitor and evaluate our programmes as part of an annual organisational monitoring and evaluation cycle. Due to the very nature of the work and the complexity around measuring its concrete impact, ILGA-Europe consider it important that evaluation of our work focuses both on impact and on learning.

Our main monitoring and evaluation methods can be summarised as follows:

  • Throughout the year, ILGA-Europe evaluate all its activities using post-event evaluation. This provides participants with the opportunity to give direct feedback on the quality and usefulness of events organised. The impact of trainings is also measured months after the training through specific impact assessments.
  • ILGA-Europe carries out project-specific evaluations on a regular basis. This happens for instance when we report to our funders, but sometimes programme specific evaluations are carried out by external experts. When such external evaluations take place, ILGA-Europe always takes an organisational, ensuring that lessons learned after one event become part of other activities carried out across the organisation. For instance, in the past ILGA-Europe has evaluated its overall capacity building work, or evaluated the links between its programming, re-granting and advocacy work.
  • ILGA-Europe reports to the board on a bi-monthly basis through internal activity reports which are then discussed in greater detail at each (quarterly) board meeting. These reports not only ensure good communication between the staff and the board, but they also provide the organisation with a tool to monitor the progress on the annual work programme.
  • The staff carries out a review on the implementation of its work programme every six months. During this time we assess the work carried out in the past half year, review goals and redefine activities according to the learning achieved and changing circumstances.
  • The Annual Conference [link] that takes place every year gives ILGA-Europe’s membership [link] the opportunity to provide the board and staff with feedback on the implementation of its work programme. This happens on the basis of annual activity reports.

Depending on the activity, project evaluation can take place through a standard form/questionnaire as well as group discussions.

Evaluation reports are shared with staff and where relevant board, membership and partners. Where necessary the outcomes are discussed and follow-up actions planned. This way we make sure that evaluations serve as starting point for new areas of work. Through these processes, ILGA-Europe has become a constantly learning organisation.