LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Peer learning

The European LGBTI movement consists of many talented, skilled, knowledgeable and energetic activists who work together, in organisations, through initiatives and as part of activist networks. The movement includes both paid professionals, as well as many unpaid volunteers that all bring a wide variety of experience to the movement. ILGA-Europe strongly believes that the talent, skills and knowledge present in the movement are its most valuable asset. This key strength should be strategically tapped into so that the movement can be even more effective and create real impact through its work. This is why ILGA-Europe in its support to the movement emphasises peer learning as a key methodology. 

Peer learning means learning from each other in both formal and informal ways. It is the cooperative construction of knowledge and skills through the sharing, in a mutually beneficial way, of knowledge, ideas and experiences. It involves peers – people who are in a similar situation. In its work, ILGA-Europe aims to act as facilitator of peer learning, which means that it brings together people, and acts to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences through its various activities.

Peer learning encompasses a broad number of activities and different working methods. ILGA-Europe integrates peer learning in a multitude of activities, such as our Annual Conference, regional trainings, study sessions, network meetings, coaching and in-country activities. In doing this ILGA-Europe not only acts as a facilitator, but also as a matchmaker, trying to make knowledge, skills and experiences available from one place to another.

ILGA-Europe maintains a strong organisational approach to peer learning, which means that it is integrated in various areas of its activities. We do this by ensuring that ILGA-Europe staff are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to act as facilitators of peer learning and integrating peer-learning as methods throughout the range of activities it organises.