LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

The call aimed to support small-scale projects (up to 5,000 euros) intended to document (cases of) discrimination, hate crimes and other human rights violations committed on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Priority areas of the call were: hate crimes and hate speech (including in media), brutalities of law-enforcement authorities, legal position of LGBT people in an eligible country, freedom of assembly and association.

Six projects had been supported within this call in Czech Republic, Georgia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

The information contained in the documentation reports has subsequently been used by ILGA-Europe in its lobbying activities with the European institutions: European Union, Council of Europe and the OSCE.

Czech Republic: Discrimination of transgender people in the Czech Republic

Name of the implementing organisation: TransForum

Contact information:

Address: TransForum, Legerova 20, Praha 2, 120 00, Czech Republic


Contact person: Mgr. Johana Martinová

Grant amount: EUR 2940

Period of implementation: September 2007 – August 2008


The goal of this project is documenting human rights violations against transgender (TG) people in the Czech Republic. Special attention will be paid to questions of access to the labour market, parental rights, hate crimes, and also to the situation of TG people in prison. The documentation will be accompanied by monitoring steps of governmental institutions in relation to TG people and subsequently encouraging Czech authorities to improve current practice. In light of present absence of any research focused on the position of TG people we set as our aim to be the first to gather objective information in this field in the Czech Republic.

Georgia: Documenting LGBT rights violations in Georgia: First steps

Name of the implementing organisation: Inclusive Foundation

Contact information:

Address: Apt. 17, #17, G. Akhvlediani st. 0108 Tbilisi, Georgia

Email :

Phone : +995 93 23 23 75

Contact person: Paata Sabelashvili

Grant amount: EUR 2500

Period of implementation: July – October 2007

The proposed action envisages compilation and dissemination of studies related to the legal regime, to hate speech and to discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender expression in Georgia. Already conducted studies will be updated and supplemented with reports on homophobic conduct by various actors. A publication will be prepared in Georgian and English and it will be disseminated to a wide range of relevant institutions persons in Georgia as well as international.

Serbia: Documentation of existence of violence and discrimination against LGBTTIQ persons in Niš

Name of the implementing organisation: Lambda, LGBT Human rights and QUEER Culture Centre

Contact information:

Address: Bulevar Nemanjića 59/23, 18000 Niš, Serbia


phone: +381 18 53 66 55; +381 64 87 81 830

Contact person: Dejan Videnović

Grant amount: EUR 4920

Period of implementation: July – December 2007


The project has a long-lasting importance and opens up many possibilities for the further work, not only on local but also on regional and national level since the gathered documentation would serve for the distribution of precise information about violence and discrimination against LGBTTIQ persons.

Serbia: Documentation on LGBT persons’ Human rights violations

Name of the implementing organisation: DUGA Association

Contact information:

Address: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 518g, 11050 Beograd, SERBIA


phone: +381641430737

Contact person: Vladimir Veljkovic

Grant amount: EUR 4820

Period of implementation: August 2007 – January 2008


Through the project of the documentation of LGBT persons’ human rights violations, DUGA collects information on: cases of LGBT persons’ human rights violations through hate speech, hate crime, physical violence and harassment, threatening and blackmailing, when the basis of the violence is sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

This project fits into the existing activities and services of LGBT organizations in Serbia, especially in relation to the: Info-phone line of DUGA association on the project of the education of the workers of the police; out-reach activities of SPY – Safe Pulse of Youth organization, SOS help-line of GAYTEN-LGBT and Psychological counseling center for lesbians in Labris.

Slovenia: ACTIVATE! - Against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender expression

Name of the implementing organisation: Društvo informacijski center LEGEBITRA

Contact information:

Address: Trubarjeva 76a, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


phone: 00 386 1 430 51 44

Contact person: Jasna Magic

Grant amount: EUR 5000

Period of implementation: 1 November 2007 - 30 November 2008


With ACTIVATE Legebitra added a component of human rights monitoring to its existing Human Rights Education programme that served to collect and document testimonies on human rights violations related to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression on a national level. Concrete information was obtained between November 2007 and October 2008, and analysed qualitatively and quantitatively and presented to appropriate institutions for further action as well as disseminated to interested partners and supporters for advocacy purposes on both national and international level. ACTIVATE was implemented in cooperation with the Legal information Centre for NGOs, Peace Institute and Ombudsman’s office in Ljubljana.

Ukraine: Reporting the Situation of LGBT people in Ukraine

Name of the implementing organisation: Nash Mir (Our World) Gay and Lesbian Center

Contact information:

PO Box 173, Kiev, 02100, Ukraine

phone: +380 44 573-54-24


Contact person: Mr. Andriy Maymulakhin

Grant amount: EUR 2500

Period of implementation: July – September 2007


During recent years Nash Mir monitored human and civil rights of LGBT people in Ukraine and obtained unique experience and information in this field. Information collected included: cases of discrimination and other violations of the rights on the grounds of sexual orientation collected during monitoring; official information from government authorities; results of national poll among Ukrainians about their viewpoint about LGBT rights; analysis of mass-media publications on the subject. In the framework of the project Nash Mir:

  • finalised and prepared for publication obtained information
  • published the report in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English)
  • disseminated publication among stakeholders, including government officials and members of the Parliament