LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

The Fund supported small and medium-scale projects (up to 5,000 euros with no minimum amount requirement), intended to produce reports on the situation and cases of today and immediate past with a potential to be used for advocacy purposes. The documentation themes supported by the Fund are human rights violations by law-enforcement authorities, discrimination of LGBT people in prisons, discrimination and hate crimes on the grounds of gender identity and expression, access of LGBT people to healthcare or education, hate crimes and hate speech (including in media), quantitative studies (e.g. based on questionnaires) on human rights violations and discrimination. Six projects had been supported within this call in Albania, Cyprus, France, Hungary, Ireland, and Moldova.

The information contained in the documentation reports has subsequently been used by ILGA-Europe in its lobbying activities with the European institutions: European Union, Council of Europe and the OSCE.

Albania: LGB Country Report: Identifying discriminatory experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual persons in Albania

By Alliance against Discrimination of LGBT

Name of the implementing organisation: Alliance against Discrimination of LGBT (Albania)

Contact information:

Phone: +355 69 23 31959


Contact person: Xheni Karaj, Executive Director

Grant amount: EUR 4940

Period of implementation: January 2010 – February 2011


The project surveys discrimination, harassment and violence against gay men, lesbians and bisexuals and social exclusion by the majority of Albanian society. Using the internet and outreach at social events and in meeting spaces, a quantitative survey of 150 LGB people in Albania and their accounts of personal discriminatory experiences was conducted. Results are documented in a Country Report assessing the current situation of LGB persons in Albania. This report is to be published electronically and in hard copy (as a supplement inside an Albanian newsmagazine) and will be used for advocacy campaigns both at national and international levels.

Cyprus: Sexual Orientation in Cyprus: Mapping the social political climate, experiences, and needs

By Cyprus Family Planning Association (CFPA) and LGBT Cyprus (LGBTCY)

Name of the implementing organisation: Cyprus Family Planning Association (CFPA) and LGBT Cyprus (LGBTCY)

Contact information:

Lefkonos 20, Apt. 303, 2064 Strovolos, Nicosia

phone: +354-�751093


Contact person: Maria Epaminonda (CFPA) & Yoryis Regginos (LGBTCY)

Grant amount: EUR 5000

Period of implementation: March 2010 – June 2011


This project was conducted in partnership by the CFPA and LGBTCY. It aims to map the social and political situation on LGB issues, and explore the experiences and needs of LGB people in Cyprus. Two parallel activities were employed to achieve each aim: relevant documentation about LGB issues (media records, statements, and panel and roundtable minutes) were collected and analyzed to map the current situation, while a questionnaire-based study among the LGB population in Cyprus explored types of discrimination, harassment, and challenges in the fields of relationships, family, faith, school, work.

Hungary: Social exclusion of LGBT People 2010

By Hatter Support Society for LGBT People in Hungary

Name of the implementing organisation: Hatter Support Society for LGBT People in Hungary

Contact information:

1132 Budapest, Csanády u. 4/B,

Phone: +36 - 1 - 3292670


Contact person: László Mocsonaki

Grant amount: EUR 4990

Period of implementation: 2010-2011


The aim of the project is to implement a national survey on the social exclusion of LGBT people in Hungary. The survey followed the footsteps of the first survey of its kind in 2007, but covered new topics (especially violence against LGBT people) and includes more detailed information about discrimination in employment, health care and education. The results to be used in setting priorities for the organization, as well as raising awareness about LGBT issues amongst policy makers and service providers.

See more about the project here

Ireland: Transphobia in Ireland Report Dissemination

Name of the implementing organisation: Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)

Contact information:

c/o Outhouse

105 Capel Street, Dublin 1, Ireland

Phone: +350-1-6609761


Contact person: Cat Mcllroy

Grant amount: EUR 2010

Period of implementation: February – June 2010


This project involved reprinting and further dissemination of Transphobia in Ireland Research Report, a comprehensive review of Irish literature, policy and documentation on transphobia published within the call V. The report provides recommendations to inform policy which will be used in advocating for proposed gender recognition legislation in Ireland. Reprinting of additional copies was necessary to distribute and inform consultations with members of the Irish Parliament, political parties and civil servants.

Moldova: Facing existing of Discrimination

Name of the implementing organisation: Information Centre “GENDERDOC-M”

Contact information:

str. Valeriu Cupcea 72/1, Chisinau MD 2001, Moldova

Phone: +373 22 28 88 61


Contact person: Anjelika Frolova

Grant amount: EUR 5000

Period of implementation: June 2010 – May 2011


The project was aimed at collecting evidence of legal and social discrimination against LGBT people in Moldova by means of documenting social attitudes, experiences of discrimination and breaches of international human rights standards; informing the LGBT community about measures, which are taken by organization in different discriminatory situations as well as providing state institutions and human rights organizations at the national and international levels and general with evidence related to discrimination towards LGBT people in Moldova.