LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Aizhan Kadralieva

Aizhan Kadralieva is a gender non-binary, feminist queer nomad LGBT+ activist from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia and working as a coordinator of advocacy and education program in LGBT+ organization, Labrys.

Aizhan joined, actively promoting LGBT+ rights and strengthening LGBT+ movement within the country and Central Asian region from 2014 and lead the advocacy work against the “gay-propaganda” draft-bill which has been stopped on second reading in Parliament. Aizhan have been actively participating on increasing the visibility of the Central Asia region within international advocacy work. 

Within the work of Labrys, Aizhan’s main focus is to achieve advocacy changes on legislation to improve the quality of life of LGBT+ people by our voices as LGBT+ communities. From 2017, Aizhan is also leading the Coalition for Equality in Kyrgyzstan that brought together the 145 members and 21 organizations with intersectional identities and the implementation of media campaign to promote anti-discrimination.