LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Darienne Flemington

Inspired by her personal experiences of border agencies, alien courts and deportation, Darienne has worked as an international activist for LGBT rights for over 20 years.  During that time she has contributed to judicial reviews on same sex immigration laws, was a founder member of the Stonewall Immigration Group (now UKLGIG) and has steered a raft of equality issues through the LGBT and Womens self-organised structures of UNISON.

Darienne is a senior lay activist in the biggest public service trade union in the UK, UNISON. She is currently Co-Chair of UNISON's National LGBT Committee and has represented LGBT workers interests on UNISON's National Womens Committee.  She works in local government where she is committed to challenging discrimination in all of its forms as well as negotiating on equality for all workers. 

A tireless advocate and communicator, she has given presentations and workshops in numerous countries in the cause of advancing LGBT equality, encouraging and facilitating partnership work with trade unions as well as promoting self-organisation and determination.  She has also been involved with a range of related activisms to highlight injustices and combat prejudices over many years.