LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Tommy Petersen

Tommy Petersen is a member of the Danish LGBT Committee and sits on the Board of Copenhagen Pride. He comes from 8 years as a politician on the City Council of Copenhagen and brings extensive experience within LGBT+ politics, lawmaking, fundraising and activism. He has successfully driven a range of LGBT+ agendas both locally and nationally, at grassroot level and in the media.

In 2019, he was awarded the ‘Humanist of the Year’ award by the Danish Humanist Association, and in 2016, the ‘LGBT Activist of the Year’ award, by the official Danish LGBT award organization, Axgil Awards (now called Danish Rainbow Awards).

He has deep experience as board member of several boards throughout the last 18 years; has international experience from the United Nations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, and the US, and brings extensive international and Danish media experience to the table. Currently, he works at Plan International.

He is 44 years old and a father to 10-year-old twin boys, which he has together with their two mommies.