LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

How ILGA-Europe is funded

ILGA-Europe are committed to carrying their mission with transparency, independence, accuracy and accountability.

Our income comes from the following diverse sources: 

  1. Institutional funding: A large portion of our budget is funded by operating grants from European institutions, national governments and other public financial instruments dedicated to supporting democracy and human rights. Together these operating grants represent €1,930,000 or 62% of our income in 2017. 
  2. Private foundations: ILGA-Europe’s financial sustainability also relies on grants and subsidies from various private foundations. These grants support specific thematic or regional streams of our work and represented €940,000 or 30% of our income in 2017. 
  3. Corporate sponsorship: Over the past two years, ILGA-Europe have developed stronger engagement with private sector actors. Beyond sponsorship of various events and financial support towards our programmes, we also value corporate support to our strategic goals in the field of workplace diversity. 
  4. Private donations: ILGA-Europe also works on building a strong community of individual donors. In 2017, private donations increased by 35% compared to 2016 reaching a total of €55,000. This demonstrates a strong sense of solidarity within the LGBTI community during a year that has seen the rights of LGTBI people under threat in many places across Europe. Find out more...
  5. Donor-restricted donations: In reaction to report of human rights violations in Chechnya and Azerbaijan, ILGA-Europe also ran a dedicated fundraising campaign. Donations made to this emergency fund are earmarked to support victims on the ground. In the case of Chechnya, we have been able to make grants totaling more than €30,000 to organisations helping to resettle more than twenty refugees in new countries. Find out more...
  6. Conference fees: Every year, ILGA-Europe organises the largest LGBTI conference in Europe. The conference brings together over 500 LGBTI activists from member and non-member organisations, policy-makers, funders, researchers and allies. Besides activists who can apply to benefit from a scholarship, conference participants pay a participation fee that covers their accommodation and meals as well as programme costs.
  7. Gala ticket sales: Since 2015, ILGA-Europe organises the European Equality Gala – an annual charity event combining entertainment, politics and activism in support of LGBTI rights. All profits from ticket sales go directly towards activities supporting LGBTI activists on the ground. Benefits from the 2017 European Equality Gala were used as co-funding for grant obligations with our European institutional funding. Read more about the Gala… 

For more information about Fundraising for ILGA-Europe, please contact Anna Shepherd, Fundraising Manager.