LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia


People working for ILGA-Europe are coming from various countries and backgrounds and proud to be part of a professional and dedicated team committed to the principles of equality and justice.

Executive Director

Evelyne Paradis is the Executive Director of ILGA-Europe. She is responsible for providing overall leadership, strategic direction and management of the organisation.

Finance Director

Chaber serves as the Finance Director for ILGA-Europe. Their primary responsibilities include managing ILGA-Europe's financial resources, implementing and controlling all financial-related activities of the strategic and operational financial planning, monitoring and reporting.

Advocacy Director

Katrin is in charge of the overall coordination of the policy and advocacy work of ILGA-Europe. Katrin's task include managing the policy team and as well as leading the advocacy work of ILGA-Europe towards the EU institutions, EU Presidencies, the Council of Europe and the OSCE.

Programmes Director

Bjorn is responsible for overall management of ILGA-Europe's Programmes team. He oversees the development and implementation of programmes focusing on strengthening the capacity of the movement, as well as regranting mechanisms. Bjorn coordinates ILGA-Europe's annual conference and focuses on resource mobilisation of the European LGBTI movement.

Partnerships Manager

Anna looks after ILGA-Europe’s donors and fundraisers. She develops and implements strategies to diversify sources of funding and inspire supporters to donate, making sure that ILGA-Europe can continue its vital work supporting the rights of LGBTI people across Europe. Anna also manages ILGA-Europe’s fundraising events. ​

Senior Litigation Officer

Arpi is responsible for ILGA-Europe’s litigation activities.  She works with ILGA-Europe members and partners to develop and implement strategies for using litigation to protect human rights of LGBTI people across Europe.   Her tasks include conducting international and comparative law research, drafting case submissions and third party interventions to the European Court of Human Rights.  Arpi ensures effective coordination among organisations engaged in litigation related to the human rights of LGBTI people at European level.  She...

Senior Policy Officer

Cianán Russell (they) works on intersex rights, education, health, trans rights, and the anti-gender backlash in Europe and Central Asia, as well as monitoring and engagement with the Council of Europe and United Nations institutions.

Senior Campaign & Programmes Officer

Laura is responsible for building campaigning and mobilisation capacity at national and regional levels, in particular in response to emerging opportunities and potential threats to the human rights of LGBTI people. She develops campaigning strategies and tools to support national LGBTI groups in relation to campaigning and mobilisation, also building strategic partnerships with other NGOs and relevant actors.

Senior Programmes & Policy Officer

Valeria supports ILGA-Europe's strategic thinking and research on issues such as leading and measuring social change. This includes communication linked to values and framing. Tools for enhancing peer learning processes and needs assessments for LGBTI organisations and groups have been one of the focuses for Valeria to develop.  Within these fields, Valeria also supports the ILGA-Europe team in their own capacity development. Also Valeria is leading the work on LGBTI community organising and organisational development, and...

Events Coordinator & Finance Officer

Beryl is responsible for organising events, conferences and meetings for ILGA-Europe. She also supports financial compliance processes in the organisation, as well as office management.

Communication Officer

Mehmet is responsible for ILGA-Europe’s communications for various channels, such as social media, websites, newsletter, and publications. He is also the coordinator of the Rainbow Europe project and editor for the monthly newsletter, Rainbow Digest.

Event and Finance Support Officer 

Alejandro’s main responsibilities are linked to the organisation of ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference, the implementation and compliance of re-granting processes, and office administration.

Advocacy Officer

Focusing on issues of hate crimes, asylum, family and rule of law, Juliana works to develop and implement advocacy strategies and policy initiatives for bringing legal, political and social change for LGBTI people across Europe. Her responsibilities include advocacy with European institutions, national governments and other stakeholders; strengthening the capacities of policymakers, civil society and practitioners to transform political commitments into concrete action; and building relationships with relevant stakeholders.