LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Ana Muñoz Padrós

Ana Muñoz Padrós

Communications and Media Officer

+32 2 609 56 59

Ana is responsible for ILGA-Europe’s communication and media relations, engaging with institutions, media outlets and journalists at European and national levels. She also contributes to the blog, the latest news, and the Annual Review.


Ana holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, a bachelor’s degree in Political and Administration Sciences, and a master’s degree in International Business Management as an ICEX scholar. Before joining ILGA-Europe, she was working as a social media officer at the European Commission, and has previous experience in public institutions and international companies in South America, where she was based for five years. There she co-founded Malquerida, an award-winning digital magazine entirely written, edited, designed and produced by women*.

She is currently member of (La Madre), a project exploring the injustice of forced sterilizations carried in Peru during the 90s. As a freelance writer, she has contributed to VICE, Ms. Magazine, El País, Jot Down, Altair Magazine and others.