LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Boris Balanetkii

Senior Programmes & Policy Officer

Boris leads on the implementation of the “Dignity for All” program providing emergency assistance for the LGBTI activists, coordinates capacity building in relation to monitoring and documentation of human rights violations, and actively involved in the ILGA-Europe’s re-granting programs. 


Boris joined ILGA-Europe in 2012 from Germany after obtaining Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Research in Magdeburg. For a decade prior to this Boris has been a grassroot activist in the Moldovan LGBTI movement.

After graduation from the Moldovan University of Medicine and Pharmacy he coordinated HIV/AIDS Prevention Program for the LGBT community within GENDERDOC-M. His engagement and dedication to the LGBTI movement’s values brought him to serve as the Executive Director of the organisation for 5 years. In addition to his main responsibilities he was actively involved in the development of the Women Activism Program of GENDERDOC-M (2003-2005) and organisation of yearly Moldovan Pride Festivals “Rainbow over the Dniester” (2002-2009). In the period 2006–2010 he coordinated the PRECIS project aimed at empowerment, organisational development, and HIV/AIDS prevention for the LGBT movement in 7 countries in the Post-Soviet region.