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Documentary: 15 Years of ILGA-Europe

The documentary was filmed in October 2011 during our Annual Conference in Turin when we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the organisation.

The history of ILGA-Europe is not just a history of the organisation. It is closely linked to the history of ILGA and the European LGBTI movement. We felt it was important to document the developments during the early stages of the organisation, so we can remember, appreciate and learn from our history.

Many people were interviewed during the Turin conference and provided fascinating facts and stories about ILGA-Europe. Unfortunately, it was impossible to include all the interviews in such a short documentary but we are sincerely thankful to everyone who shared their memories and reflections.

The final product contains a history of ILGA-Europe as told by many people involved with the organisation as members, board and staff. This is not by any means an authoritative and complete story of ILGA-Europe, however, we hope that this 55 minutes documentary succeeded in capturing the moods, the challenges and the achievements of the organisation during its relatively short but dynamic history.

We hope this documentary can be a useful tool not just for reflections, but also something you can use in your organisations and with your partners to increase the knowledge of ILGA-Europe and the European LGBTI movement among your members and greater awareness of the relevance and importance of European dimension of our join work.

And a huge thanks goes to Jochen Hick and his Galeria Alaska team for a great and creative cooperation and high professionalism in producing this documentary.


Documentary: 15 Years of ILGA-Europe from ILGA-Europe on Vimeo.