LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

ILGA-Europe's position on the Victims’ Rights Package

Read the ILGA-Europe key points in the position paper ahead of the Victims’ Rights Package to be presented to the European Commisision in May 2011, and download the full text of the position paper.


On the grounds of previous submissions and policy documents, ILGA-Europe believes that the Victims’ Rights package to be presented in May by the European Commission should include measures aiming at:

Reinforcing the existing EU legislation on the rights of victims by providing a clear definition of the concept of “vulnerable victim” that would include victims of bias crimes, on the basis of European and international instruments adopted by all Member States at the OSCE and at the Council of Europe;
Developing EU policies in order to define high European standards in the areas of data collection, support to victims and training of law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges. These policies should take into account the role of civil society victim support organisations and include a strong focus on victims of bias violence and hatred.